“Tony” believes that there is no “Prime Minister” recommends “Prayut” if the problem can’t be solved, resign.

in the listing Care Talk x Care ClubHouse On 27 July 2021, which Thaksin Shinawatra or Tony Woodsome The former prime minister joined the program to discuss the issue. ROADAMAP to New Normal : laying out a new path with the question of the possibility of General Prayut Chan-ocha will resign and Set Zero to draft a new constitution. Thaksin said that he had previously seen Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and the defense minister recently said that he was a soldier and would not abandon the people. Which now is not sure whether the people will abandon you or not.

“It’s hard to guess how your heart will take it. By law, you have the right to stay But I’m serious, the hands of the council are not as important as the faith of the people. So today if you want to stay, you must build faith with the people. Do not think that you have a law. You don’t think you have enough MPs in the House of Commons, don’t think you have bananas. what’s up don’t think like that Only think about how to call the people’s faith. The first faith can be called, believe me, don’t be shy. Don’t think that I recommend and don’t want to do it. Put PPE in Thammasat Hospital. Then go to the Bang Sue Center where people are waiting for vaccinations. Go here first. Guarantee that your faith will recover 15%, believe me. I think you believe me and my brother… Don’t think you’ve lost your form. We can talk more behind our backs. You don’t work from home. Put on PPE.”

“You went down two places, today it’s full. Don’t be afraid to wear PPE, wear an N95 mask, Face Shield, Doctor Noo (Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health will run after him.”

Teach “Prayut” to be the prime minister with centralized power. If you can’t solve it, leave.

Tony also stated that General Prayut would not resign. But if you do what they have to offer, your faith will be restored. But he didn’t think Gen. Prayut would do it. because Gen. Prayut will think that he will lose

“But the neglect of duty is not. But today we have to understand that we want to solve problems more than anything else. because being prime minister centralized power If it still can’t be solved it shouldn’t exist If you want to stay, do as I say. I didn’t set any traps. I want to help Thai people I don’t want to help you, Prayut.”

Believe that there is no Prime Minister, His Majesty is above politics.

Later, Pitch Pongsawat asked the question. In the past, there have been talks about the Prime Minister and foreign Prime Minister Thaksin. What is your opinion on this matter? Thaksin stated that

“To say that the Prime Minister gave it to me, I do not believe because His Majesty is above politics. You certainly wouldn’t come to play politics with us. This I think the Prime Minister should not have.”

Thaksin added that, but there is still a constitutional mechanism in case the prime minister resigns, a new prime minister must be elected in the House of Representatives from the person nominated to the Election Commission at the time of the election, which will now remain in the party. Pheu Thai is Chaikasem Nitisiri, the Democratic Party is Abhisit Vejajiva, who has already resigned from the party, and the other is Anutin Charnvirakul, who vote for the new prime minister will have senators join the vote depending on whether how to choose But if you can’t vote He was not sure how to proceed. because not much according to the current law

no germs Diligent but defeats the mob

Pitch continued to ask that from his experience as a police officer and studied for a PhD in Justice How does Thaksin view the case of the police suppressing the protesters, especially the new generation?

Thaksin stated that Saturday and Sunday should be the time to think about vaccines. But instead took the time to defeat the mob alone. What is the bureaucratic system? The pathogen that is very dangerous will not be suppressed. Vaccines still fail to achieve targets. But when a mob gathers, they diligently come out to subdue.

“The vaccine has just injected 90,000 out of 3 hundred thousand, but when it comes to defeating this mob, it’s very diligent. The budget has everything. whether it is colored water whether it is a rubber bullet then asked if really Let’s sit and talk. Kids, they want the future. If he misunderstood something, come and talk to him.

Ask if this is my sister. How are you doing? Hit and hit again. Still won’t be scared again. What have you got to talk about?

he will say Today, I manage like this. The council is like this. The senator is a bean pod. Raise your hand. It makes me have no future. Let’s help each other think about how I will have a future. Because in a few days you guys are already in the coffin. We’re still here. We can talk. Why do we have to distribute rubber bullets?”

The coup d’état of 49 ended because he thought it would make the country move forward. I didn’t think I would do anything stupid.

Later, someone asked Soon it will be the 15th anniversary of the 19 September 2006 coup and I want Thaksin to Recounting the moment that the coup took place, what happened at that time, Thaksin stated that he was in New York at that time eating with the three children of Donald Trump.newscoup

“But before that, at 4 p.m. in New York, corresponds to 10 o’clock in Thailand At that time, I had a cabinet meeting, I asked the Army Chief of Staff, I can’t remember the name. It turned out that he answered annoyed me, eh, not very good, so I ordered Dr. Chidchai Wannasathit, Deputy Prime Minister at that time, and Dr. Phrommin Lertsuriyadej. secretary to the prime minister At that moment, I took out my emergency situation order. I signed it too. ‘Cause I know what might happen It turns out that while reading the announcement, Mingkwan Sangsuwan, former President of MCOT Plc., was hijacked, so he could only read half of it and then had an audience with MCOT Plc. So we can’t control any game.

The next day I will take the plane back. but the plane can’t take off he doesn’t give up because the revolutionaries told them not to take off the plane He was afraid that I would go back to Thailand. If I can go back to Thailand, I’m sure I’m done. I’m not afraid of anyone anymore. I’ve been shot several times and still haven’t died.”

Three of my friends called and asked if the AI ​​was here. Take the steam plane. So I went to England. not going to Thailand The plane flew to Thailand. reach and search I thought I was sleeping in the cupboard.

Thaksin further stated that It was later found that an attempt was made to break into the villa. So he called to ask General Winai Phatthiyakul, secretary-general of the National Council for Peace and Order, and asked if it had not yet been 24 hours before they would invade like this.

“I said if you go in, shoot me. I have soldiers in the house. He said no So I stopped him from entering. After that, we started talking and nothing.”

“I’m a man, the end is the end, some people ask, why don’t you set up a government in exile? That is, the government in exile in the past and today is not the same. And I don’t want it to be rude. I want the country to move forward I thought he was revolutionary and would do something smart. But the revolutionaries are still stupid to this day.

I also called Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin, the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army and the leader of the committee seizing power at that time, telling him, the commander-in-chief, I’m a man. It’s all over. But don’t bully me politically. I won’t give up. You’re not. Yes, I’m here.”

I’m not a revolutionary, I’m a thinker, an editor, introducing the principle of change before I’m forced to change.

Later, people were asked about the case of talks with US ambassadors on October 21, 2008, in which Thaksin had said that One of my agendas is The need to abolish the lese majeste law from the criminal law Thailand cannot claim to be a democratic country. As long as there is still a threat of lèse-majesté prosecution Therefore, he would like to inquire whether Thaksin’s position is still the same now and in the past. Because the trend on Twitter at this time is collapsing Thaksin as a royal-list, to the point of saying “fight and bow”.

Thaksin replied that he was a cadet. As a student preparing for the military Would not let him be another type of person He is a person with the system and respects the system, but if the system has a problem, we have the right to criticize. and lead to correction

“I’m a thinker Editors change more than revolutionaries. I will change with my brain I don’t change anything by force. And if anything happens in the country in the future If I can do anything that is beneficial to the Thai people, I can do it because I consider my life to come first. and the nation is the people and otherwise, I consider it a finer part. it can be adjusted It can be adjusted to suit the times.

when it changes We must dare to change. and agree to change I leave it like this. Young people remember it. Want more, get less, want less, get more. The new world, if you are narrow-minded, you will get nothing. If we are open-minded, our chances of growing up are high.

So, whoever is in any position, whatever. If you’re rebellious and don’t change, it’s all broken. We call it You have to change before you”re forced to change. If you Forced to change, you don’t plan change, but if you Change before force, you can still Plan your change.

So I think that every level, every organization, every power must Plan your change in order to change to a good point. But if it is forced to change, it will not end well. I would like to answer according to this principle.”


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