Tony Issa criticizes Muhammad Ramadan and accuses him of insulting the Lebanese

Lebanese artist Tony Eis commented on the controversial statement of Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan about Lebanese artists.

Tony said during an interview with “An-Nahar” website, “As for what Ramadan said, first he has complete freedom in his opinion, but what he has no right is to insult Lebanese artists.”

He added, “Therefore, his speech for me was an insult, and we, as Lebanese, are proud of our stars while they raise our heads, and any insult to my countrymen from anyone whatsoever I will not accept, and at the same time I do not respect the person who insults my countrymen because I consider it an insult to me as well.”

And he sent a message to him, “I tell him that humility is a characteristic of a person, and it raises his value and worth.”

And Muhammad Ramadan had previously stated during an interview with Al-Jadeed channel that the Lebanese artist, with whom he wants to perform a duet, has not yet been born, which caused a sensation on social networking sites.


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