Tony shudders, takes a military vehicle to transport truck racing stuff. Reverse the case of Tak Bai

Tony shudders, takes a military vehicle to transport truck racing stuff. Reverse the case of Tak Bai

At 8 p.m. on November 23, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra or Tony Woodsom, former Prime Minister Participated in the 21st episode of CARE Talk x CARE ClubHouse. “Covid is a mess. The economy is booming, really! Did the dictator solve the problem like this?” It discussed the management of various problems of the government sector.

However, the participants of the program asked whether the high oil price and the truck came to claim but will bring a military vehicle to run Do you think that’s right? Tony said that this definitely creates a conflict that if the military vehicles stop crashing. Let the soldiers carry the race. This way of thinking, one-dimensional thinking, shallow thinking, skin thinking, not thinking about the essence. Military vehicles can carry them from one point to another, but techniques or take care of the type of things that need to be carried, how do you do it?

“Even transporting the suspects at Krue Se, Tak Bai, taking military vehicles, but stacking them together, dying in a row, I don’t know. is that the truck has no knowledge of how to transport it. How to load, how to transport, what is the technique of transportation? What is each type?

How before that happens, talk about it, for example, he asks for a reduction of 5 baht, you collect excise tax for more than 5 baht, if you can’t reduce it by 5 baht, there are 2 parts: reduce taxes, take the oil fund to help. But your oil fund has already spent more than 20 billion. excise tax You explain to him that 2 baht is okay, 5 baht can’t be because the state budget has deficit. Collecting tax below 11% target, can you take 2 baht? Let’s talk and things go on. do not create conflict

“Why don’t you talk? The Prime Minister rarely talks to anyone. Will talk to a few of your people and then go home and talk some talk. People are halfway scared of you. Good talk, I agree. Not saying that 5 baht doesn’t talk. There is a little more deficit. I’m going to diligently. Make other things better We are not dealing with any one issue in the country.”

“It’s the same thing about children. If we don’t talk like this, don’t talk. I think I have power in my hands and I can’t talk.”

“Even about COVID, he gathered the center, people came to talk, had to educate him. I have to say it’s like this. past vaccines Thai people rarely vaccinate a certain amount. because of the news that that the injection and death not about vaccines It’s been explained indefinitely. Now people are afraid of vaccines, especially Sinovac and Astra, so it has become fearful. In spite of being injected all over the world, as if I told Astra, he injected people aged 55 and up. Can’t be trial and error with people. There must be a research, such as Pfizer, who wants to inject, those who are left behind will come, people will come because there is no doubt. his life he loves He had to raise his wife’s children. You have to know the truth. Real media. If central. You must be one person. Not spread. Ask you to communicate with the people. And you have to agree to talk. You don’t talk yourself. Let the relevant ministers talk.”

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