“Tooth decay” is not a small matter. The doctor raised the case. The patient found pus in the pleural cavity.

“cavities” not just meet bad breath already because of the problemcaries can happen to anyone Which has very few symptoms – very different. The cause of dental caries is often caused by neglect of oral and dental health care. Most of which, when encountering initial problems may think that it is a minor problem, will treat later But when left for a long time, it becomes a big problem. Because the dentin can be damaged to the nerve cavity and root, which is unbelievable that results inpus in the pleural space can

Dr.Manoon Leechawengwong or Doctor Manu Physician specializing in respiratory diseases Wichaiyut Hospital Provide information through facebook page Mor Manoon Leechawengwong FC Remind everyone to take good care of their oral and dental health.cavities have a root infection may result inpus in the pleural space (Empyema Thoracis) by giving an example A 53-year-old male patient came to the hospital with coughing, green sputum, pain in the right chest when coughing and fever for 1 week, no toothache, no gum pain. No chronic disease, no alcohol, no smoking

Physical examination, low-grade fever, listened to the right lung, reduced sound, took blood, found 16,030 white blood cells. lung x-raysee water inlungsOn the right side, a lung computer can see several fluid clots in the right pleural space.

After that, a drain hose is inserted through the skin.pleuraOn the right side, 2 places, opaque yellow pus, smelly, 1,200 cc., stained with both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (gram negative bacilli, gram positive cocci in pairs and chains, gram positive bacilli). Intravenous antibiotics. It covers both bacteria that need and don’t need oxygen. grow bacteria Streptococcus constellatus may have many more pathogens. but not growing

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pus in the pleural space

Doctor Manu Specify the shocking information that When consulting a dentist, x-ray, it turns out that cavities Found a purulent abscess at the tooth root (dental root abscess) musttooth extractionAll 9 teeth, although the previous one The patient did not feel any toothache after 1 week of intravenous antibiotics. lung x-raybetter

lung x-ray

When tooth decay is more frightening than you think, what is tooth decay?

caries is the symptom of a tooth that our dentin is destroyed which is the destruction from the tooth surface deep down to the tissue to the cavity of the tooth, and of course, if left untreated, it will spread, enlarge and deepen. Might have to lose a tooth at all.

The severity of tooth decay

Tooth decay stage 1 is the initial stage In which the tooth surface appears gray or black, with some opaque surrounding white, indicating that the tooth surface is partially destroyed. but still have no symptoms of pain.

Tooth decay stage 2 It is a period where the tooth surface is cavities and spreads wide. deep into the dentin layer go near the nerve cavity will have tooth sensitivity Observed from the touch of sweets hot or cold

Tooth decay stage 3 This stage continues to spread to the tooth’s nerve cavities. which is a painful period The sensory nerves cause pain to the point that they do not want to chew, and it hurts to stay still.

Tooth decay stage 4 enter a severe phase Because the inflammation spreads to the surrounding teeth. May cause inflammation and pain, pus, loose teeth, unable to chew anything

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Symptoms or diseases that may occur as a result of tooth decay

symptoms caused bycariesis more severe with the degree of cavities ifcavitiesin the initial stage to the middle level What you will receive is pain and suffering. May be unable to chew food The consequences can affect daily life. Some people are in so much pain that they cause headaches. and result in insomnia which, if left for a long time, in addition to losing teeth It can affect other periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, swelling, to inflammation until the infection enters the lymph nodes. and blood flow Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked as just caries. It wouldn’t be fatal.

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