Top 10 Meditation and Stress Relief Games Named | Games

A list of games that are best for meditation, relaxation and stress relief has become known. The study was published by Fandomspot.

According to surveys, it turned out that 79% of gamers consider games to be one of the ways to relax. At the same time, half of the surveyed users in various management positions regularly take a break to relax in their favorite game.

Participants were asked to name a few titles that most help them calm down, collect their thoughts and relax. After that, the researchers chose a hundred third-party testers who had to try out the most frequently mentioned games. Gamers used devices and peripherals that were comfortable for themselves, but wore a heart rate sensor. In addition, the duration of one game session was limited to two hours, during which the participants of the experiment noted changes in mood, as well as the elements of the game that they liked.

Top relaxing and meditative games:

  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – repetitive combat mechanics, landscapes, resource extraction, allowing you to achieve small goals as the game progresses.
  2. Katamari Damacy – aesthetics, replay-based gameplay, simple mechanics.
  3. Tetris – bright colors, repetitive gameplay, small wins during the game.
  4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – mining, winning mini-games;
  5. Minecraft – in modes without enemies, it allows you to show creativity, as well as plunge headlong into the search for materials and craft.
  6. No Man’s Sky – exploration of the world, the lack of goals and objectives that could cause stress.
  7. Euro Truck Simulator – road trips, simple controls.
  8. House Flipper – small risks, an opportunity to show creativity.
  9. Firewatch – open world exploration, puzzle solving, few audio interactions with characters.
  10. Flower – bright graphic style, lack of enemies, tasks and external sources of pressure.

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