Top 14: "I'm proof that we can do it," said Cheslin Kolbe

He waved his smile throughout the ceremony of the 16th night of rugby held Monday at the Olympia in Paris by the broadcaster Canal +. Hard to resist the charm of Cheslin Kolbe, the pocket winger of the Stade Toulousain named best player of the championship of France. His trophy in his hand, the South African has returned to an exceptional season for him, punctuated by three major titles: a World Cup and a Rugby Championship with the Springboks and a title of champion of France with the Stade Toulousain.

Cheslin, what season are you for?

Yes it was a phenomenal season. Not only for my club but also for my country. I am blessed to have won so many titles in one year. I have to thank all my teammates because I am finally a finisher winger.

Your life has changed since your arrival in Toulouse?

(Laughs) No, I would not say that. I stayed the same person. And to win trophies will not change anything. I always have my feet on the ground and I will not let myself down as I will never let his teammates down. The people around me, my teammates are humble.

What has your arrival in Toulouse changed in your career?

When I left my country for France, it was a big responsibility to leave so early with a young girl. Fortunately my wife has always helped me by being with me to help me stay on track. She's a wonderful woman, you know. In Toulouse, everyone, players and leaders opened the doors of their houses. I am grateful to them. It was always a pleasure to go to training.

What is your best memory of the World Cup?

No doubt the second try scored in the final. It was huge. But the welcome back home from a people who opened their hearts, especially children, was huge. As a player, my memories are in the field but I can smile at the children, mothers, fathers and all the people in our country who need it. I practice rugby to inspire all these people.

You have almost won everything, titles still make you dream?

Yes there is still one or two that I would like to win in the future.

Which ?

The European Cup with Toulouse and then the Olympics with the South African rugby sevens team. It is a challenge that I would like to meet.

You know that you are an example?

(Laughter) Since I was little, I am smaller than others. I am proof that we can do it. There is room for all the jigs in this sport.

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