Top 14: the discreet departure of Mourad Boudjellal

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His departure almost went unnoticed. Mourad Boudjellal officially resigned from his position as president of RC Toulon on Thursday, giving all the keys to Bernard Lemaître, his successor. The latter, already majority shareholder since December 3, had acquired 99% of the RCT shares. The businessman who made his fortune in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, therefore also became its president. To lead the club to the four titles of champions of France and three titles of European champion, Lemaître will rely on Frédéric Bir, one of his trusted men.

Mourad Boudjellal, head of the Red and Black for 14 years, retains a post of administrator, but his resignation, four months before the date initially planned, appears rather brutal. “It had become inevitable,” said Bernard Lemaître in the columns of Var-Matin. Whether Mourad leaves office on February 11 or June 30, it’s the same thing. Within the RCT, his situation had become very uncomfortable since he no longer had power. The press release may be a bit dry, but in such cases, the goal is not to be romantic. Mourad said goodbye to club before Clermont reception (Editor’s note: victory 41-19 on December 22nd). “

Boudjellal should now turn to the ball. He hopes in fact to take over the Sporting Toulon football club, which plays in the National Championship (3rd division).


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