Top 14: with three successes in a row, can Stade Français ignite?

It is not the most striking success in its history, but this victory of the Stade Français against the Union Bordeaux-Bègles (26-16) at least had the merit of allowing the supporters to go back to much more memories. positive than last season. Where we wondered a few months ago if the Parisian club had already been so badly embarked in Top 14, this third success of the Parisian club brings us back to the 2018-2019 season. Paris had lined up three successes in a row during the holiday season against Agen, Grenoble and Perpignan before appearing in the top six places in the championship after a victory at La Rochelle in February. For the last time before this Saturday.

At a third of the Top 14, the Stade Français is virtually barrage of a complicated championship to read with the various postponements related to the health situation and owes it to this winning sequence against Toulouse, La Rochelle and the Girondins. “We had three receptions, we benefit from the calendar, tempers the coach of the forwards of the capital Laurent Sempéré. Now it was against the last champion, the first of the current season and the one of last season. The team responded present. “

“They are all going in the same direction this season”

Far from the spectacular dazzling of Sekou Macalou a week ago, the Stade Français has this time bet on a rough game of forwards and occupation at the foot to control the Girondins, two months after the controversy of their match shifted due to ‘an outbreak of Covid-19 cases in the Parisian ranks. “We were confined to our home, regrets Frédéric Charrier, in charge of the rear of the UBB. It has nothing to do with last season, when Stade Français was not a team. They weren’t playing together. There, they are all going in the same direction, they have good players. So, it turns. “

In Paris, we had forgotten the pleasure of looking up. Like a Lester Etien who, at a press conference, ensures “never having won three consecutive victories since he was there” while he had participated in the series of 2018-2019. “We all have in mind to get the top 6 at the end of the season, it is the common goal, continues the winger, author of the first test in Paris on Saturday. There is a good dynamic, but we must remain humble. “

It’s a bit of a common idea among the Parisians, still marked by their very complicated last season. “We ignited too easily after a victory in the past, underlines third row Loïc Godener. We’re happy, we won and we’re going to have a beer to celebrate. But after that, we get back to work and prepare for the trip to Lyon where we had a basketball score (43-9) last season. »We will wait a bit before projecting ourselves onto the play-off board.

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