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Top 4 Diets To Reduce It Effectively

Cholesterol is a type of lipid that our liver makes (LDL). It is possible to talk about good and bad cholesterol. But in fact, in both cases it is the same molecule (LDL and HDL). The point is that it is more interesting to talk about it in these terms because our body needs cholesterol to function well. It performs several functions which are essential cheers. But at too high a rate, it can also have harmful effects on our body. This is why you have to regulate and monitor your cholesterol level. Thus, the French Federation of Cardiology recommends monitoring your cholesterol level from the age of eighteen and every five years. Objection won’t tell you, too much cholesterol can clog your arteries and in worst cases lead to serious heart problems.

To regulate your cholesterol level (LDL and HDL), food therefore plays an essential role. Don’t we say that we are what we eat? To stay in good health, it is therefore advisable to favor a healthy diet. Also, there are four diets known to lower blood cholesterol levels. Follow the guide !

Cholesterol: reduce it thanks to your diet

If the “bad” cholesterol is made by our liver, and the “good” cholesterol comes from our food, we might believe that we have no power to regulate the “bad” cholesterol. But that would be a misconception. Because our food also influences our organs and their functioning. And regulating even our level of “good” cholesterol, by an adequate diet, would allow us to keep our cholesterol overall (LDL and HDL) at an optimum level for our health. So let’s find out what are the 4 recommended diets to lower cholesterol. Objection will specify above all, like our colleagues at Hurry Health, which also determine these 4 diets, that diet does not mean deprivation. Rather, it is an optimization of our meals, approved by nutritionists.

The DASH diet

This type of diet is known to have beneficial effects in people with high blood pressure. Indeed, DASH is an acronym that stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop
Hypertension ”. To reduce cholesterol, it can also be effective according to our colleagues from Health Press. To apply it, it’s not all about reducing salt as recommended by prevention experts. d’hypertension arterial. The DASH diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, and nuts. Finally, lowering your blood pressure by lowering your cholesterol level is always a good idea. Because the risk of heart failure drops sharply with this diet.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a diet known to be low in saturated fat. Some take shortcuts and insist on cooking and seasoning with olive oil under all circumstances when talking about this type of diet. And it won’t be totally wrong, Objection grant it to you. But the Mediterranean diet is especially famous for keeping its followers in excellent health. The point is, it helps lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol levels. In short, it lowers the “bad” cholesterol to increase the “good”. Meats, lean proteins, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, whole grains but also small amounts of red wine make up the Mediterranean diet.

The vegetarian diet

Eating a vegetarian diet doesn’t just lower your cholesterol levels. It allows weight loss and low blood pressure according to our colleagues, always at Health Press. It consists of dairy products, eggs, vegetables, soybeans, dried fruits, fresh produce and mainly whole grains. The main thing is to forget about red meat, white meat, fish and seafood. For the benefits of such a diet to be beneficial for the body, it will be necessary to know how to stick to it in the long term. .

The vegan diet

Finally, the vegan diet would be even more efficient than the vegetarian diet. Not only to lower cholesterol levels but also to lose weight, reduce the risk of early death, the risk of type 2 diabetes and the risk of heart disease. To follow such a diet, it will therefore be necessary to abandon all animal-source products. Eliminate eggs and dairy products (except from vegetable sources). It is often a big change for those who want to change their eating habits. It is therefore natural to start by adopting the vegetarian diet before adopting the vegan diet.

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