Top 5 horror games seen at Gamescom 2021

While Gamescom 2021 is coming to an end, it is time for each of us to take stock of the German event and to list the games that made our mouth water the most during these few days. An exercise that is not as simple as it seems in view of the incredible number of titles that we have been able to discover or just see from the corner of the water.

That said, for your greatest pleasure, and ours in the process, we have decided to give you a little top of the families concerning the 5 horror games that caught our eye during the show.. Attention, sensitive souls abstain, what follows is not to show to everyone.

5 – Trepang2

Do you remember FEAR? You know the horrific FPS from Monolith Productions which had the right to 3 episodes and which is now considered a cult license of the genre? Well if you are nostalgic for this saga, you will be happy to discover the too discreet Trepang2 from Trepang Studios, yes it cannot be invented. But what is it would you ask us with a questioning look and we dare hope interested?

well Trepang2 is a horrific FPS who wants to be a spiritual son of FEAR. Frantic action, light stealth sequences and supernatural appearances of creatures are you in here?, all accompanied by a very old-school feeling, this is what the game offers us. Of course, bullet time will also be part of the game, which is compulsory when you want to be the worthy successor of Monolith’s FPS.

Finally, the developers indicate that they have put the package on the AI ​​which “reacts according to our movements”, which is again not unlike FEAR So yes, we can not wait to put our hands on Trepang2, which is edited by Team17. The editor gives us see you in 2022 for the PC release only for the moment. A demo is also available on Steam, the opportunity to try it out after watching the intense trailer broadcast at the Gamescom.

4 – Dying 1983

Go to China for Dying 1983 of NEKCOM and 2P Games. This horrific escape game simulation promises a lot and seems completely off the mark. The title offers to freely explore different places and solve puzzles to discover their secrets. We are promised an ambitious level design in which all the cards present are linked together, the developers thus incorporating a metroidvania type progression system.

Obviously the horror and the supernatural will be there, and the trailer lets us see beautiful things like a woman with a fish head who seems intimately linked to the events. If you want to get a little idea of ​​what the title will offer, you can always turn to Dying: Reborn, the first part of the license, admittedly less ambitious, but which can at least show you the intentions of the studio.

Dying 1983 looks rather promising and we can not wait to see what it will give. While Gamescom did not tell us about its release date, let’s hope we won’t have to wait very long.

3 – Madison

We have already talked about Madison de Nosebleed Games in our columns and were even able to test the demo. This is yet another ersatz PT, which puts us in the shoes of a poor guy forced by an evil entity responding to the name of Madison to complete an occult ritual begun decades earlier. Our only weapon to fight against this demonic presence is none other than a simple camera, the usefulness of which remains to be really defined..

We know that we can use it to distort reality or even create unsuspected paths, but we do not know if it could be used to fight against the few creatures on our tail. We will therefore have to go through different scenes, solve the puzzles, stay alive and deal with countless jumps scares and other disturbing situations.

The demo had not transcended us, because very short and it showed almost nothing, but nevertheless promising a beautiful horrific atmosphere for the full game. Reassuringly, the last trailer released at the Gamescom is much more consistent than this trial version and even if we doubt that Madison succeeds in dethroning Visage in the genre of PT-like, as a fan of horror, we can only look forward to it. Release scheduled for 2022 on PC exclusively for the moment.

2 – Conscript

Conscript by Catchweight Studio is a small indie game that made a big impression on us Gamescom. From a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game takes us in the middle of the First World War in the shoes of a French soldier in search of his brother in the trenches of Verdun. Inspired by old-school tenors of the genre such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it keeps the agonizing and heavy atmosphere, careful management of resources and inventory, as well as a rather difficult difficulty.

The journey will place you in front of the dangerous German soldiers and if the confrontation is sometimes inevitable, you should not hesitate to flee to save your skin. We also note the presence of puzzles that mark the progression. The game will not confine us to simple trenches, since it will also be necessary to cross no man’s land or the famous fort of Douaumont and its dark passageways which risk making some underpants and breeches wet.

With its top view, its mastered and assumed concept, its atmosphere and minimalist graphics, but which plunge directly into the atmosphere, Conscript is billed as one of the most amazing and successful survival horror of recent times. A case to follow therefore, while a demo is already available on Steam. PC release scheduled for 2022.

1 – The Outlast Trials

So we could hardly believe it, but the Gamescom really reassured us about The Outlast Trials by Red Barrels Games. Indeed, we did not see at the beginning anything very exciting to offer us a sort of horrific multiplayer escape game in the universe of Outlast, especially since we were waiting for a real third opus and not a spin-off that takes place. during the cold war. And yet the last trailer left us on the ass (forgive the expression) and we are impatiently waiting for the possibility to be offered to us to give it a try.

Imagine being a lab rat trapped in a dark maze filled with traps, puzzles to solve, and psychopathic monstrosities (some iconic) to avoid in order to survive.. But fortunately you are not alone in this galley, since other prisoners (players) will be able to lend you a hand. We can then imagine multiple means of diversion, cooperative puzzle solving mechanics or the possibility of helping a companion in bad shape.

Postponed to 2022 (a classic postponement with Red Barrels), it is announced on PC only, but there is no doubt that home consoles will also have the right to host the title.

Le bonus – Dying Light 2

We asked ourselves whether Dying Light 2 had to appear in this top and we decided with a negative answer. Why ? Quite simply because we know the game well today and its presentation at the Gamescom was not horror-oriented. But it is clear that we expect this sequel like never before and that he would have had his place as number 1 in this ranking quite easily.

However, we also said to ourselves that we had to talk about it all the same, because this new opus seems to offer us much more worked horror sequences and a stifling atmosphere. Creatures are much more dangerous, especially at night, and some footage promises to be really tense. So certainly Dying Light 2 is not just a horror game, but it is too, so it has its place here. And if you’re not convinced, take a look at this gameplay trailer.

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