Top 7 Marketing Trends for 2021

What was a trend this year, as a result of the confinement, has changed and new scenarios for marketing are proposed in the following years.

2021 will be the year in which we finally manage to get out of the pandemic, after 2020, which was a whole chaos in health, the economy, the social and business.

What was a trend this year, as a result of the confinement, has changed and new scenarios for marketing are proposed in the following years.

Here are the top 5 marketing trends we will see in 2021.

Semantics is the study of words, their relationships, and what those relationships mean in a specific context. When we do an internet search we do it with phrases and words, trying to get them to understand what we want.

A semantic search refers to the ability of search engines to detect and understand the intent and contextual meaning of search phrases when delivering content to users.

When considering the semantic part within SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we stopped talking only about technical issues and focused on content; Today more than ever we must know how customers look for us, not only by product or service, but by brand, industry and mainly by the need they have and how we can solve it.

According to figures from Google, searches that include questions such as “How do I …?” Or “I need …” have grown more than 65% in recent months, mainly from mobile devices, hence the importance of optimizing our presence on the Internet so that our content answers these questions.

Even when we are in quarantine, working or studying from home, we continue to consume products and services, mainly with local businesses that are close to where we are located.

This opens an important opportunity for these businesses, by taking advantage of their location, but even when they are close, it is necessary to do a marketing work that allows them to be found.

Although there are several options for developing a local business presence, there are two that stand out and offer many options, mainly for small businesses.

Currently more than one billion people use Google Maps each month and more than five million mobile applications and websites use this Google platform for local searches.

Since 2019, Google searches that include the phrase “near here” have grown 900%, which means that people want businesses that are accessible from a distance.

The Facebook ecosystem also has tools to develop local businesses and is an excellent complement to Google’s offering.
In order to activate the local functions, it is necessary to have a business page on Facebook, and once created, we can add:
Products or Services, Location, website and email
Attention schedule

Video and especially streaming video is a clear trend that we will see grow even more in 2021, I share some data that supports this. According to recent figures from Google, during the pandemic, the consumption of videos related to wellness in general grew 18%. In the same period, the categories of videos related to health and fitness increased by 63%, while the arts and culture videos saw 29% more visits. The Youtubers (Influencers) have seen almost a 30% increase in the visualization of their channels, mainly by young users of generation Z.

While YouTube lives its best moment, Tik Tok broke the record as the most downloaded application in the year with 315 million downloads, which takes it to occupy the 6th place in terms of number of users with 800 million.

According to an investigation by Mediakix, video influencers today are generating 50% more video content compared to what they generated prior to the pandemic.

Today there is a need to see Videos, recorded, live, professional or amateur; Brands that manage to generate this type of content generate a type of interaction with their followers that can contribute a lot in the medium term in terms of reputation and preference.

  • LinkedIn In is back.

The business-focused platform that for years seemed like a ghost town, today has more life than ever. At a time when Facebook and Google seem to have no rival (except Tik Tok), LinkedIn manages to close the second third of the year with an increase of 21% in its revenue, managing to capitalize on almost 700 million users.

Thanks to being a niche platform, the conversion rate of ads on LinkedIn in is 3 times higher compared to that of Facebook, Google and Twitter, according to a study by HubSpot, LinkedIn traffic generated the highest rate of conversion of visitors to potential customers, with 2.74%, almost three times or 277% more than Twitter (.69%) and Facebook (.77%).

Since Microsoft bought it in 2016, there has been a substantial improvement in navigation, information flow, and certainly in the advertising platform. Today is a very good time to start working on LinkedIn for 2021.

  • Boom of travel and entertainment.

Two of the industries that have suffered the most from the pandemic are those related to travel and entertainment, since as a result of the closure, their sales fell to levels never seen before, to the extent that it is estimated that a quarter of these industries have disappeared to begin with from 2021.
Analysts from around the world agree that once the pandemic is over, either naturally or thanks to vaccines, these two industries will take off in a spectacular way almost at the level of 2018 and 2019, which opens the possibility for that all industries related to these issues grow in a residual manner.

According to the EY Tourism Industry Pulse, the travel industry will explode in 2021, but not as before, as some categories will take on greater importance. The study highlights that boutique hotels, with less than 120 rooms, along with independent accommodation options such as AirBnB will be the best performing. On the other hand, they point out that accommodation options that are far from highly populated areas or that have large crowds will be preferred by travelers.

In another study by the World Travel & Tourism Council, they estimate that 85% of tourism in Mexico will be local and that for the country is good news, since 7.2 million jobs depend on it. In the same study, Mexico is ranked number 9 in terms of tourism income worldwide. In the first positions are the US in the first position, China and Japan in the 2 and 3 places, as well as Germany, the United Kingdom and France in the 4, 5 and 6 positions.



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