Top Republican Candidates in 2024: Profiles, Positions, and Prospects

2023-08-23 07:00:00

Alter: 51
Place of birth: Bamberg, South Carolina
Vocational training: lawyer
Private assets: around 2 million dollars
Current office: none
Previous offices: Governor of South Carolina (2011-2017), United States Ambassador to the UN (2017-2018)
highest office: Governor of South Carolina (2011-2017)
Kinder: 2

Political positions: conservative positions, with which she always tries to find a middle ground. Nikki Haley says about climate change: “I do believe that climate change is real. And I think that it is something that we have to deal with. But I also think that there has to be a balance.”
Available donation funds: more than 6 million dollars (as of August 2023)
Strengthen: only female candidate, successful political career, government experience
Weaknesses: too little support in the party, too few unique selling points

The attacker

Christopher James “Chris” Christie

The bravest Republican to date is Chris Christie. None of the other candidates opposed Donald Trump as clearly as he did. The former governor of New Jersey’s ruthless accounts make him Donald Trump’s number one hate object. For months, the ex-president has been throwing contemptuous abuse at Christie, mostly aimed at his body weight. Trump’s strategy of intimidation attempts can be followed live using Christie’s example.

In the candidate race, Chris Christie is largely without a chance. Nevertheless, he is interesting for the dynamics of the debates because of his attacks on Donald Trump. Depending on how the situation develops, other candidates could follow his example and make Trump seem isolated. However, it is difficult to predict whether this will actually happen. If that happens, Christie would pave the way for Donald Trump’s downfall.

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Alter: 60
Place of birth: Newark, New Jersey
Vocational training: Attorney
Private assets: around 5 million dollars
Current office: none
Previous offices: District Attorney for New Jersey (2002–2008), Governor of New Jersey (2010–2018)
highest office: Governor of New Jersey (2010-2018)
Kinder: 4

Political positions: moderate conservative. Chris Christie said of himself, “I’m a conservative, ‘pro-life’ governor in a state where it’s really difficult to be both. In a state like New Jersey where there’s a lot of Democrats down we still pay the taxes and balance the budgets.”
Available donation funds: more than $1 million (as of August 2023)
Strengthen: Clear announcements, rhetoric, political experience and successes
Weaknesses: Criticism of Donald Trump, relative obscurity, low level of donations

The unknown

Douglas James “Doug” Burgum

Many Americans probably don’t even know that Doug Burgum has been the governor of North Dakota since 2016. He is therefore one of the candidates who are particularly dependent on the TV debates to increase their national awareness. To this day, Burgum refuses to clearly name Trump’s election lies. He, too, is apparently speculating on Trump’s voters and on the favor of the ex-president.

His chances of winning the primaries are slim despite relatively large donations. In North Dakota, however, the gubernatorial elections are being held at the same time as the presidential elections. Doug Burgum’s commitment to the primaries is therefore probably also aimed at a desired re-election in his state in the Midwest of the USA. There has been a two-term limit since 2022. However, this only applies to governors elected from 2023.

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Alter: 67
Place of birth: Arthur, North Dakota
Vocational training: Consultant, businessman, founder
Private assets: $1.1 billion (estimated by Forbes)
Current office: Governor of North Dakota
highest office: Governor of North Dakota
Kinder: 3

Political positions: arch-conservative, particularly on abortion, LGBTQI rights, and racism prevention. “Today’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court puts power back where it belongs,” Doug Burgum said on the Supreme Court’s 2022 abortion ruling. In 2023 he signed a restrictive abortion law for North Dakota.
Available donation funds: more than 3 million dollars (as of August 2023)
Strengthen: successful businessman, political success and experience, relatively high donation volume, little criticism of Trump
Weaknesses: relatively unknown

The normal

William Asa Hutchinson II

Along with Chris Christie, the veteran conservative politician is one of those opponents who at least dare to attack Donald Trump directly. That’s why he gave him the mocking nickname “Ada Hutchinson”. A classic Republican, Hutchinson seems fairly isolated in the party today. Among other things, he is criticized by agitators for supporting the Covid vaccine. During performances, he is regularly booed by Trumpists on stage.

His former merits, such as those in the Department of Homeland Security, which date back to the George W. Bush era, are unlikely to help him in the Trump-aligned party.

Alter: 72
Place of birth: Bentonville, Arkansas
Vocational training: Attorney
Private assets: around 5 million dollars
Current office: none
highest office: Congressman (1997-2001); Governor of Arkansas (2015-2023)
Kinder: 4

Political positions: arch-conservative, against abortion, for gun rights, for free trade, against national debt, for multilateralism
Available donation funds: around $200,000
Strengthen: many years of experience, composure, aggressiveness
Weaknesses: relatively unknown

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Other candidates not participating in the TV debate

There are even more candidates who did not meet the criteria for the first TV debate and are therefore not allowed to take part in it.

Francis Xavier Suarez, 45, (Mayor of Miami)Will Hurd, 46, (former Congressman)Larry Elder, 71, (right-wing conservative radio host)

To qualify for the Aug. 23 debate, candidates must meet polling and donor requirements set by the National Committee of the Republican Party (RNC).

– You need at least 1 percent in three representative statewide polls or a mix of statewide and early state polls between July 1 and August 21, 2032.
– You need a minimum of 40,000 individual donors, of which 200 must be from 20 or more states.

In order to appear on stage, RNC criteria require candidates to commit to attending no later than 48 hours before Wednesday night’s debate. In addition, they must sign a commitment that they will support the eventual winner of the party.

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