Top: The five most talked about transfers so far on the market in the Honduran National League – Ten

Officially, this Thursday the pass market was opened in Honduras and it will be active during the month of February one week after the start of the championship. There are currently five players that have been talked about the most in this window.

They are footballers who were mostly free. Two of them left the north coast to seek to stand out in the capital. Iván “El Chino” López did not reach an agreement with Real España to wear deep blue. Similarly, Allan BanegasHe did not renew with Marathón and the Olimpia shirt is already sweating.


While of the small teams, Real Sociedad, which has serious problems with relegation, managed to add to its ranks the experience of Jorge “Pitbull” Claros, a player who did not participate in the last year after being left out of Real Spain. With the containment, in addition to Rony Martínez and Danilo Tobías, the “Giant of Aguán” stomps.


1. Allan Banegas: Containment midfielder who left Marathon and has already signed his contract with Olimpia. This Thursday he appeared for the preseason work and arrives to take the place left by Germán “Patón” Mejía.

2. Chino López: Left winger, one of the best signings in the championship. He was acquired by Motagua as a free agent after leaving Real España and arrives to fill the position left by Emilio Izaguirre, whom Diego used in that position for some games.

Real Sociedad striker Rony Martínez and Muma Fernández del Motagua are an attraction for the Clausura tournament.

3. Alejandro Reyes: Steering wheel on the left, also a link, was announced this Thursday by Real España after his departure from Olympiad where it completed the cycle. In the aurinegros he signed a three-year contract and will occupy the position left by Iván “El Chino” López.

4. Rony Martínez: Forward coming home. He is one of the great scorers in Honduran soccer. After his departure from Real España, the attacker is one of the goal hopes that Carlos Tábora’s team will have. He barely adds five points in the non-relegation table and will be one of the great concerns.

5. Carlos “Muma” Fernández: He made an outstanding appearance in soccer in Uruguay. The right winger is one of the sounded values ​​that Motagua brought to this tournament and Diego Vázquez leads a team to compete in this championship.


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