Topolino Zuluaga died, humorist who was 100 years old

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, June 1Noticias Caracol announced the death of Jorge Zuluaga, better known as ‘Topolino’ for the character he represented for years in ‘Happy Saturdays’.

The death of this man occurred an exact month after his birthdaybecause last May 1st he was celebrating his arrival at 100 years of age.

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In the informative remembered that ‘Topolino’ was part of the team of comedians of the program the humor de Snail Television for 17 years, during which time he shared with several members of the program that have already passed away.

In ‘Happy Saturdays’, a program to which he arrived at the request of Alfonso Lizarazo, Zuluga played the character of a mechanic and that led him to be the protagonist of the program from 1977 until his separation.

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Happy Saturdays‘: what the ‘Topolino’ Zuluaga looked like today

As a celebration of its 100 years, in ‘La Red’ they told the story of ‘Topolino’ Zuluaga and showed how he looked at that age, Well, for many Colombians, it was missing from the radar.

Noticias Caracol reported that Zuluaga “He was hospitalized since May 24 for pneumonia” and also showed some of the last live images they had of him.

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