Tops / Flops PSG-Marseille: Icardi is back in force, Mbappé less fierce – Ligue 1

The full match of Icardi, the found legs of Di Maria, but also the more effaced performance of Mbappé: find the Tops and Flops of this PSG-Marseille (2-1).


Icardi, back in 2021
In full doubt in 2020, between poor shape and injuries, Mauro Icardi seems to have started 2021 under better auspices. Already a scorer against Brest last Saturday, the Argentinian showed himself in the legs against OM. Present against the opposing goal, it was he who opened the scoring, in two stages, against Mandanda after a service from Di Maria. Like a fox, he passed close to the double on a left missile on the bar just before the break (45e+2), before causing the important penalty causing the 2e parisian goal (85e). The duel with Moise Kean to occupy a place at the forefront of the attack is launched.

Di Maria has legs again
Also borrowed since September, Angel Di Maria is rediscovering his feelings. Hitting with the ball, El Fideo won quite a few duels and was more precise in his technical stints than usual. Author of a nice opening for Icardi on the 1is Parisian goal, he proved useful in the conservation phases.

Marquinhos, imperturbable
The Parisian captain is indeed the pillar of this team. Always so serene in his interventions, he reassured his defense and strove to relaunch properly. He notably made his intelligence speak in his placement.

Thauvin, one of the only Marseillais at the level
Florian Thauvin was undoubtedly the most consistent Marseillais over the duration of the match. Striking on his right flank, he spared no effort by being active in the recovery of the ball. He is also at the origin of most of the Marseille offensives, with an assist in the key for Payet at the end of the game.


Mbappé, far from his best level
If PSG won,
Kylian Mbappé was more behind in this Parisian success. It has even been several weeks since the French seems to lack juice. Not successful in his dribbling and multiple offensive actions, he often made the wrong choices, except for a good shift for Icardi on the bar found by the Argentine. Often against the clock, the world champion is still looking for good sensations.

A too shy OM
For a long time, OM showed a face far too timid to hope for better. Starting the game without a professional striker (Benedetto and Germain on the bench, Payet in false nine), Marseille mainly sought to hinder the first Parisian recovery. But offensively, the Phocéens lacked edge and waited for the entries of Benedetto and Germain to be more dangerous. An awakening in the end too late.


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