Tops / Flops Sevilla-Dortmund: Haaland knocks Sevilla, Gomez and his sleepy family – Champions League

The new capital performance of Erling Haaland but also the failed match of Ivan Rakitic and Papu Gomez for Sevilla: find the tops / flops of Sevilla-Dortmund (2-3).


Haaland, obviously
Obviously, the little music of the Champions League transcends Erling Haaland. The day after Kylian Mbappé’s stratospheric performance at Camp Nou (1-4), the Norwegian scored his 17th and 18th goals in 13 C1 matches, one less than the Parisian before his 21 years. But the Norwegian “cyborg” will have them in six months … Another exceptional performance of the prodigy of Dortmund, who also splits a decisive pass to Mahmoud Dahoud (19th). Clinic when concluding on his two goals (27th, 43rd), he could have counted another without the soaring of Yassine Bounou on his overpowered shot in the top corner (34th).

Reus as a good captain
It is no secret that with the weight of years (31 years) and accumulated injuries, Marco Reus no longer shines with each of his outings. But in Seville, the captain of the BVB had taken out the clothes of light. Always very available between the lines, the German international shone above all for his defensive work from start to finish (27th, 64th). Thus, with a good dose of malice and experience, he comes to intercept a pass from Ivan Rakitic in the central circle before fixing and then serving Erling Haaland on a plateau for his double. His lack of spontaneity at the end of the match (70th) deprived him of a goal before his exit (80th).

The BVB milieu reigned
The battle in the middle has largely turned to the advantage of Borussia. Around an Emre Can still as precious in the fight but also in his transmissions (92% of successful passes) and in his fantasies, like this small bridge on Jordan (68th), Jude Bellingham, youngest British to start at this stage (17 years and 233 days) could have been even more daring as on this beautiful strike from afar repelled by Bounou (71st). But the middle prize goes to Mahmoud Dahoud. In addition to his first goal in C1 with a clear strike to ring the revolt (19th), the German shone by his activity. It is also him who serves Haaland in the right tempo (34th).

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Rakitic never weighed
Non-existent. Lost in a midfield where he was not very active, the Croatian has gradually disappeared from the debates like his team. Unable to sound the revolt, he is also and above all at the origin of Dortmund’s third goal. His sixth loss of ball, in the axis, brought the double of Erling Haaland. And sounded the death knell for his match, since the former Barcelona was replaced when he returned from the locker room.

Papu Gomez missed himself
For his first match in C1 under the Sevillian jersey, the Argentinian did not shine. It is even quite the opposite. Mitigating circumstances did not help, it was difficult to float in the Sevillian nothingness. But his 11 ball losses, including two missed crosses, aptly sums up his very average performance. If he contributed defensively, in particular by compensating for the largesse of Sergio Escudero on the left, Papu Gomez could even have conceded a penalty if his arm off the center of Marco Reus had been checked by the VAR. It was also he who was passed by the same Marco Reus on the third German goal …

The Sevillian collapse
And to think that Sanchez-Pizjuan seemed impregnable… While the Andalusians remained on seven straight victories, including six without conceding a goal, Jules Koundé and his family experienced a real shipwreck after the equalization of Mahmoud Dahoud. In addition to the three goals conceded at home, which will weigh very heavily when it comes to the accounts, the last winners of the C3 were never dangerous again for more than an hour – before going out on time, like the whole offensive line, their top scorer Youssef En Nesyri had no opportunity throughout the game – despite favorable possession (65%) and his opponent’s double pass (706 against 369). The return at the very end of the game will leave regrets, such as that of having brought Oscar in too late (72nd).


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