Tops / Flops Toulon-UBB: the RCT was scared, Parisse touched – Top 14

After the victory of the Var over the Girondins (25-19), find what caught the attention of the editorial staff.


RC Toulon remains alive
Toulon suffered for a long time, often stammered its rugby, but in the end did not fold. A defeat would have eliminated him from the race to the finals. But the RCT is still alive. Far from it all was not perfect, but the essentials are assured. Louis Carbonel’s boot (20 points at 100% success) kept his team afloat for a long time, before Facundo Isa scored and sealed the success of the Var at the end of the match (75e). The club with a bit of lily of the valley has just won a first stage, but there remains another just as important: going to make a result, the week, on the lawn of Castres, which has gained momentum in 2021. A colossal challenge.

The public back to Mayol
For this crucial match in the qualification race, RC Toulon has – finally – been able to count on the support of its supporters. 1,000 people had in fact been authorized to come and fill the stands and the precious sesames were torn like hot cakes. The 700 Toulon supporters present (over 300 partners) thus rediscovered the joys of the pre-match Pilou-Pilou and were able to give voice in this poster of the 25e day. For a new atmosphere, certainly not completely, but that changes the heavy silence and empty speakers during matches behind closed doors.


UBB: a poorly established qualification
Bordeaux-Bègles has obviously taken a step forward this season. Under the leadership of Christophe Urios, who has succeeded in all the clubs where he has been (Oyonnax, Castres), the Girondin club first reached a milestone in the European Cup. This season, Mathieu Jalibert and his teammates played their first Champions Cup quarter-final (victory against Racing 92), then their first continental semi-final (loss against Toulouse). Ditto in Top 14. Even before going to Mayol to challenge the RCT, UBB was officially qualified for the first final phase of its history, thanks to the victory without bonus on Friday of the Stade Français Paris over Lyon. Leading the Top 14 last season before the season was stopped due to the health crisis, the Union Bordeaux-Bègles has confirmed this season that it will now be necessary to count it. But beware of slackening, like this Saturday in Toulon. It will be necessary to confirm during the qualifying matches in Top 14 which will arrive soon. No room for error.

A far too muddled start from Toulon
Rugby Club Toulonnais had decided to send the game against UBB at the start of the match. Charles Ollivon’s teammates have managed to deploy beautiful movements that have defended the Gironde failing on several occasions. But, each time, the Var attacks were spoiled, annihilated by hand errors, forward moves. So much ammunition left on the road, testing opportunities that have not been materialized. The Var have regularly confused speed and haste, like this penalty quickly played by Baptiste Serin which led to this attempt refused at Dakuwaqa and allowed the UBB to break free. In the end, the RCT did well, trying less and being more solid.

Parisse’s tears
At 23e minute of the match against UBB, Sergio Parisse was hit in an ankle, forced to give way to Raphaël Lakafia. The iconic Italian number 8 then left Mayol’s lawn in tears, surely worried about the rest of his season. Back in the locker room, he still struggled to hold back his tears. If his end of the season seems to be compromised, the rest of his adventure with Toulon will not end there. Soon to be 38 (he will be celebrating them in September), the former third row of Stade Français Paris has extended its lease on the harbor for one season. It’s not all over …


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