Torsten Ruban-Zeh is the new Lord Mayor of Hoyerswerda

In Hoyerswerda, Torsten Ruban-Zeh has been elected mayor by the SPD with 44.3 percent. Dorit Baumeister, the candidate of the Greens, Left and Active Hoyerswerda got 33.4 percent of the vote. Marco Gbureck from the AfD received 16.2 percent and Claudia Florian from the CDU 6.1 percent. According to the city, the turnout was 48.3 percent.

As a first step in his new position, Ruban-Zah wants to “get the team behind him”. He wants to talk to the employees, restructure them and use the existing human resources to prepare for future tasks such as structural change. In addition, the goal is to “really fix the IT campus now”

With a view to competitor Baumeister: “We have to work together.”

With a view to the second-placed Baumeister, Ruban-Zeh MDR SACHSEN said that after the first ballot it was already wanted “that we talk to each other” and the other side unfortunately refused it twice. Nevertheless, he is not averse, says Ruban-Zeh. Every speech has a meaning. Ruban-Zeh emphasized the strengths of his opponent Baumeister in the cultural and structural engineering areas, but “we will wait and see what exactly will come.”

We have to work together. It’s about the city, it’s about the people. And that should unite us again without opening any gaps.

Torsten Ruban-Zeh

Baumeister feels an obligation not to leave

She has always been very committed to this city, even without a political office – not only professionally, but also on a voluntary basis. It will take her a few days, but she also feels an obligation “not to go. And to get involved in the city.” But she also has to find a place that allows it.

Referring to the new mayor, Baumeister said their main problem was that Ruban-Zeh did not know the city. He doesn’t know the people, has neither experienced the construction nor the 1990s. He doesn’t know what affects the people here. According to Baumeister, Ruban-Zeh does not feel the potential that the city has in itself. He will give the movement, but not the movement I would have imagined. You won’t hit the heart like that.

Torsten Ruban-Zeh came to Hoyerswerda in 2000.


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