Toshiba left the laptop world after three decades, unable to compete

ILLUSTRATION. No longer sharp fangs, Toshiba left the laptop world after three decades

Reporter: Arif Budianto | Editor: Arif Budianto

KONTAN.CO.ID – TOKYO. With a heavy heart, Toshiba finally left the laptop industry that had been raising it for the last three decades. This Japanese company no longer sells its laptop products worldwide.

Who is not familiar with Toshiba laptops, at that time this laptop was very popular. Both among business and students, the Toshiba laptop was predicted to be the best laptop of its time.

Maybe some of the users have a wonderful memory where the first laptop is Toshiba. Now it is just a memory and must be immediately move on.

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Quoting from Gizmodo, Monday (10/08/2020) in its latest press report, Toshiba sold 80.1% of its business units to Sharp in 2018.

That way, Sharp has the right to sell a Toshiba laptop product called Dynabook. The Toshiba Dynabook laptop was also marketed in Indonesia in 2018.

Unfortunately, Toshiba’s long journey in the laptop world is not as smooth as other competitors. Consumers may be more interested in various innovations and competitive prices offered by other brands.

Looking back a little, Toshiba’s journey in the world of laptops has actually gotten good achievements.

In 1985, Toshiba successfully launched the T1100 laptop. At that time the Toshiba T1100 laptop was considered to be driving the growth and development of laptops as they are today.

Equipped with a battery, LCD screen and floppy disk 3.5 inch was popular at the time. Still carrying the same concept, today’s laptops also don’t leave these three basic elements. Although floppy disk now it is no longer used, partly replaced by DVD drive.

According to reports The Register, Toshiba laptops also managed to lead the laptop sales market throughout the 1990s and parts of the 2000s. In the laptop sales market, Toshiba has always been in the top five as the top laptop / PC manufacturers.

Apart from laptops, Toshiba also produces peripherali others, such as internal / external hard drives, mouse, keyboard and peripheral others support laptops / computers.

Goodbye, Toshiba, thank you for the innovations that have driven the development of the laptop industry to date.


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