Total closure of Lombardy and Veneto: the requests of the regions to the government for Coronavirus

There Lombardy region formally asked the government to tighten the measures decided by the executive on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and then extended Monday to the entire national territory. In the letter sent by the Lombardy Region to the government, total closure is not requested, but a series of activities to be closed to contain the Coronavirus, given the exponential increase in cases of contagion (in Lombardy there are 5,791, on 10 March) and the consequent increase in the health system. The government in these minutes met with the technical committee to evaluate the requests received from Lombardy and the Region Veneto (whose president, Luca Zaia, said that if we continue not to respect the rules by April 15th we will have 2 million Venetians infected).

Here, in detail, the requests made by the Lombardy Region:

* closure of all retail business activities, with the exception of those relating to public utility services, essential public services, the sale of basic necessities and newsstands;
* closure of all shopping centers, of the shops present within them and of the sales departments of non-essential goods. Pharmacies, parapharmacies and points of sale for food and basic necessities remain open. Both the street and indoor markets and the medium and large sales structures are closed;
*closing of bars, pubs, restaurants of all kinds;
* closing of craft service activities (e.g. hairdressers, beauticians, etc.) with the exception of emergency and emergency services;
* closure of all hotels and any other activity intended for reception (e.g. hostels, farmhouses, etc. ..) with the exception of those identified as necessary for the performance of public service activities;
* suspension of all canteen services both in public and private structures;
* closure of all tertiary and professional services, with the exception of those related to public utility and the correct functioning of the sectors mentioned in the previous points. It is proposed further suspension, consequently, of the procedural terms and of the administrative, insurance, etc.

The Lombardy Region requests that any activity carried out with agile work methods be allowed, asks to identify what activities are of indifferent need, and also specifies that an agreement has already been reached with Confindustria Lombardia to regulate the possible suspension or reduction of work activities for businesses. Lombardy also requests to proceed with the variation of the public transport service depending on the activities that will remain in place.

The requests of the Veneto

Even the president of the Veneto region, Zaia, announced that it had asked for even more incisive measures to combat the virus, albeit without detailing them. If this continues, it will all close by force, he said at a press conference. Today the game in the hands of the Venetians. I want to see the empty streets, the lights of the premises turned off, the empty beaches, the deserted squares. Beyond the law: do not go to friends’ dinners, do not make family gatherings, do not go out. Each household must remain isolated in its home.


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