Total cost over 10 million “Shaping idol” Todoroki, spectacular “downtime” report Yellow swelling around the eyes … “Vomiting too painful”: J-CAST News[Full text view]

On July 1, 2022, YouTuber “Shaping Idol Todoroki-chan”, who has performed plastic surgery on the nose, forehead, contour, etc. more than 10 times and invested more than 10 million yen, updated his YouTube channel, 4 The state of the downtime of the treatment performed at the beginning of the month for one month was released.

  • Todoroki’s condition on the 4th day of downtime (from Todoroki’s video)

  • This shaping result (from Todoroki's video)

    This shaping result (from Todoroki’s video)

  • Todoroki's condition on the 4th day of downtime (from Todoroki's video)
  • This shaping result (from Todoroki's video)

“It hurts and I wake up”

Todoroki performed a full-face and neck incision lift, an incision under the eyebrows, and a fat-dissolving injection of the eyelids at the beginning of April. On this day, the video was updated with the title “[Shaping]It was popular but it was too harsh … I will show you all the downtime for one month[Incision lift / Incision under the eyebrows]”, from the first day to the 27th day of shaping. The situation up to was released. The thumbnail of the video contained the words “I vomited because it was too painful.”

Since the incision lift is an operation that cuts near the ear, a fresh scar was found in front of and behind the ear immediately after the operation, and a clear incision mark was also confirmed under the eyebrows. Also, the eyelids were swollen like another person.

From the 4th day, the area around the eyes turned yellow and traces of internal bleeding appeared. He said, “I wake up because of pain,” but when I had unbearable pain, I revealed that I was taking painkillers and suppositories. I’ve heard that it swells, but I think it was more than I expected when I experienced it. “

After that, the swelling subsided visibly from the 10th day, and the scratches became almost inconspicuous from the 20th day. And on the 27th day, although there was still a yellow spot on the neck, there were almost no traces on the face, and “Isn’t it good to say that the downtime escape was successful? It was successful in just one month!” Is reported.

Why did you prolong downtime? The person’s “knowledge”

It’s been about 3 months since the operation, and Todoroki said that the shape was almost completed, although it wasn’t completely cured yet. It can be seen that his cheeks have less slack than before his plastic surgery, giving an overall sharp and refreshing impression.

However, he seems to think that “there are too many traces of the incision under the eyebrows”, and the reason is that when he was exposed to ultraviolet rays in the sea or mountains at work, he had inflammation that caused the entire face to swell. He also analyzed that his work make-up often touched the skin, which may have prolonged downtime.

Todoroki says that he was “very good” as an impression of performing these treatments. There are still big scars behind his ears, but he doesn’t regret it.

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