Total knew as early as 1971 about global warming. They are very mean

My dear sassy, ​​dear sassy,

I can’t help but smile when I see the scandalized comments that emerge following the “discovery” in Total’s archives, that the great leaders of Total knew very well as early as 1971 that oil was not good for the planet, pollution and global warming.

They knew.

So they are, very, very mean.

In addition, they hid the truth from us.

Ours. The good ones.

And that’s where I feel old in the face of so much naivety.

Of course Total knew, and we’ll come back to that.

But ON, whoever the ON knew very well.

We knew very well that the radioactive cloud of Chernobyl did not stop when he saw the customs officer at the border.

We knew very well that smoking was not really good for your health.

We knew very well that drinking booze and advertising booze is not a good idea.

We knew very well that some cars were much more lethal than others.

We knew very well that some planes were completely moldy and that you should not fly in them.

We knew very well that doing nuclear tests was not very good for the health of the inhabitants around.

We knew very well that certain drugs were killing people, from the pick to the opioid crisis in the United States, the list goes on.

We knew very well that the virus would not stay in Wuhan.

We knew very well that there were no more masks in our warehouses.

We also know very well that the vaccine kills people and that it has very serious side effects as well.

We will therefore discover that WE knew, and that the ON of tomorrow, accepted as lovable today, will be the villain of tomorrow thrown to the popular vindictiveness of all the naive of the future.

ON is also surrounded by accomplices. WE.

We are the accomplices of ON.

Not you, not me, we constantly denounce all the mistakes and lies of the ONs. I’m talking about others. From those who don’t want to see, know or hear. It’s more comfortable.

The list is long.

We knew that Saddam Hussein did not have a weapon of mass destruction but that he had oil.

Do you want more ?

Total knew but WE could know that WE knew!

And here I just want to show you that it’s too easy to spit on Total when WE could know, already, at the time.

We are told that Total has known since 1971.

I too have known since 1971.

How do I know?

Thanks to a report commissioned from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1970, communicated at a conference in 1971 before being published on October 1, 1972. It is based on a computer simulated model. What is this report?

« The Limits to Growth – known as the “Meadows Report” – is a report endorsed by the Club of Rome and published on October 1, 1972 which is one of the references of debates and criticisms which relate to the links between ecological consequences of economic growth, limitation of resources and demographic evolution ».

This report has been updated from 2004 onwards.

Well in 1971 I was not born, but I could have known perfectly because the information was perfectly available.

It’s not up to Total to do the work of journalists.

WE could know, but WE did not want to know!

We saved Libya 10 years ago too. It must be said that they also had oil that we really needed.

We didn’t want to know that it polluted!

We did not want to know that the car kills and not only on the road.

We didn’t want to know that pesticides are killing us.

We didn’t want to know that pollution is killing us.

We didn’t want to know that diesel suffocates us and makes us sick.

We didn’t want to know that all the additives we swallow are killing us.

Here again the list is long.

The reality is that we shoot Total like we shoot diesel cars just because WE decided that now we had to do without it and that it is allowed., but as long as it is forbidden, no one shoots without receiving the order, even though we know perfectly well what is happening.

Moreover, when some say what they know, at best we ignore them. Sometimes they are called conspirators. If that is not enough, they are silenced.

It is as old as the world and the reason of state.

So Total is very mean, but we are very happy to drive on diesel, to fill up our cars with our tractors, to eat up to burst the stomach of the shit food produced by the food industry all relaxing on a production and logistics chain running solely on fuels produced by Total and all other oil companies.

Bunch of fake asses shocked by false revelations while they all live in the comfort of the carbonated and polluted society that Total provides them.

Total is expected to cut fuel for 15 days. Everyone confined to their homes, without work, but this time without food and without supermarkets supplied.

At some point we have to finish with the ecological transition which would be without consequences and only poetic!

The “shocked” are a bunch of fake asses!

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

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