‘Total Warfare’ and ‘Studio Lululala’ in collaboration

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– Production of ‘Gunship Battle’ goods through the web entertainment ‘Idea Panda’

– After an idea meeting, ‘Gunship Battle Total Apron’ was born

– Funding by August 25th, game coupons will be given when participating in ‘Early Bird’

Joy City is a mobile war simulation game of its own. <건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어>announced today (29th) that it will be collaborating with ‘Studio Lulu Lala’.

This collaboration is made with the web entertainment ‘Idea Panda’ of ‘Studio Lululala’. ‘Idea Panda’ is a program that produces creative collaboration goods idea products and proceeds with funding through the crowdfunding platform ‘Wadiz’.

Cartoonist Kim Poong, Girls’ Generation Sunny, and comedian Eun-ji Lee are participating as MCs, and thanks to the witty ideas that appear every time, they are well received by various viewers.

In the content video, military concept goods are produced under the theme of ‘masterpieces of war games’. Reflecting the witty ideas of the cast, the military-style multi-purpose apron ‘Gunship Battle Total Apron’ that can also be used as a bag was selected as the final product.

The funding will be held on the crowdfunding platform Wadiz until August 25th, and if you declare support or apply for a notification on the ‘Early Bird’ funding page by 5pm on August 11th, you will receive a donation of 50,000 won. <건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어> You will receive a photo card with item coupons.

To commemorate the opening of the funding, Joy City will conduct a promotion in the official community until August 11. After watching the collaboration video and writing a comment at the bottom of the YouTube video, if you leave your YouTube nickname in the community announcement comment, a total of 10 people will receive a ‘Gunship Battle Total Apron’ by lottery. In addition, all participants <건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어>Gold and ship experience points that can be used in .

Park Jun-seung, director of Joy City’s Strategic Business Division, said, “It is a large-scale war game. <건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어>I commissioned ‘Idea Panda’ to produce practical goods products with a military feel reminiscent of the <건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어>We ask for a lot of interest in it,” he said.

Meanwhile, <건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어>is a mobile war simulation game that delicately reproduces aspects of large-scale modern warfare. Since it was released in 2018, it is a signboard title of Joy City, which has been gaining popularity from users in more than 170 countries around the world.

<건쉽배틀: 토탈워페어>You can check more detailed information on the official community through the official community, and you can participate in this collaboration funding through the Wadiz page.


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