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Hosting companies are in a luxurious position. Once a customer is in, he often gets stuck because switching is time-consuming: there are few hosters who can handle your existing folder structure, database names, passwords, etc. Legally speaking, hosting is a form of service, a duration agreement, and a characteristic thereof is that you can adjust the service or increase the prices. And that is cleverly abused here.

TWS is the investment company of Rinse and Tjitske Strikwerda. These are wealthy people in Switzerland who have taken over small hosting companies for several years and then throw prices up (see eg. here, here in here). At pcextreme, customers saw their costs increase from 23.40 to 144 euros per year, without being clearly and amply informed about this before renewal. The only thing that helps is to cancel and move the place anyway. If customers had done this consistently from the first price increase, the number of acquisitions would have been limited.

It is all legal what they do, but in the end they add nothing economically. You could therefore think of legislation that protects consumers in the event of a vendor lock-in. If TWS has to pay everyone who switches through an exorbitant price increase a standard fee for lost time, these kinds of jokes are quickly over.

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