Touching video.. Houthi militia kills an elderly woman in front of her children

continues, significantly increasing, The crimes and violations of the Houthi militia And its field and security leaders against the Yemeni people and citizens, in its areas of control, at an increasing pace, amid a wave of popular resentment and denunciation.

The Yemeni Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani, published a video clip of the scene of the killing of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in front of her children in the Al-Asha district of Amran governorate.

This scene was considered a reflection of the level of brutality and criminality of the Houthi militia, its indifference to the blood of Yemenis, and its repudiation of the teachings of the Islamic religion, human and moral values, and Yemeni customs and traditions that criminalize assault on women.

Al-Eryani said in tweets on his Twitter page, that these brutal crimes and violations committed by the Houthi militia on a daily basis, including killing, looting, robbery of money and property, violation of sanctities and defamation, reveal their true face, and reflect part of the tragedy and suffering experienced by millions of civilians in the areas under its control. .

The Yemeni Minister of Information stressed that the continued silence of the international community, the United Nations, UN and American envoys, and human rights organizations and bodies on these heinous crimes, are considered by the Houthi militia as a green light to commit more crimes and violations, the price of which is paid by innocent civilians.


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