Toulouse: Cnes and Nubbo launch the first incubator dedicated to the lunar economy

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The national center for space studies (Cnes) and the regional incubator Nubbo are joining forces to create in Toulouse an ecosystem of companies capable of addressing the lunar economy. A tailor-made start-up support program has been created.

Send businesses to the moon. This is the project of “Tech the Moon”, the new business incubator created in Toulouse jointly by Cnes and Nubbo. The first human missions to the Moon are in fact planned for 2024 with a sustainable presence in autonomy from 2030. This new space destination will require special equipment to allow the creation of life bases, to maintain them, to make them viable, to expand them. , etc. The regional incubator installed at La Cité de Toulouse and Cnes have therefore joined forces to create a structure capable of detecting companies able to meet these new needs while supporting them in the development of their products or services.

Building an Earth – Moon ecosystem

For its part, the Cnes has already created the “Moonshot Institute”, a forum of public and private actors (from the space and non-space sectors) to bring out a complete ecosystem, from education to R&D to marketing. The forum brings together students, entrepreneurs around the technological and economic development of the moon. It is in this context that Cnes created the Tech the Moon incubator, which will aim to provide technological bricks. Five first start-ups are to be selected this summer to join an intensive twelve-month incubation program that will allow the idea to mature, transform it into a prototype and raise the funds to commercialize it. Applications responding to three specific sectors (infrastructure, resources and life support) must be submitted by July 18.

The objective of the TechTheMoon incubator is to bring out startups that develop innovations that (one day) will be sent to the Moon: lunar habitat system, 3D printer to build infrastructures from regolith (moon dust) , protection against solar radiation,… When you know that sending 1 kg of merchandise to the Moon costs € 10,000, finding a solution on the spot makes perfect sense. But with the lunar economy market only being accessible by 2030, these technologies must first find their market on Earth.

€ 50,000 and the expertise of Cnes engineers

Start-ups supported by the regional incubator Nubbo will be able to benefit from € 50,000 in reimbursable advances to accelerate and secure their development and the development of a prototype. In addition to the entrepreneurial support of Nubbo, the incubates will also benefit from the expertise of Cnes engineers to guide them in the technical reflections and the prototyping of their technology according to lunar constraints. Companies must make a commitment to set up in Occitanie.

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