Toulouse. Ligue 1: TFC discovers new ambitions

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Here we go again ! Of course, it will already be necessary to finalize the transaction, then see the first effects of the takeover of Toulouse FC by the American investment fund RedBird Capital Partners. But until then, hope is reborn …

Under the starry banner, ideas fill your head. Sometimes happiness is as simple as an email …

While fans of Les Violets still grumbled about the two missed shots on goal in the series “Operation Redemption” (by the Sino-Americans of Nice then by the Breton Olivier Létang), a press release on the official website of Toulouse Football-Club, the Ascension day, will therefore have made them rise suddenly. Because, yes, the announcement of more than advanced talks for a sale of the Tefecist president of 85% of his shares to the American group RedBird, has rekindled the flame on the side of Ramier Island. Even if the question marks remain legion, they are quickly swept by the wind of Autan. By a wind of enthusiasm, fresh, and caressing the handrails of the fields bordering the Stadium. if not able to erase the cursed season (it will remain by far, engraved, like the worst of the Sadran era) at least to escort the next one of beautiful promises.

Towards a L1 budget next year in L2

The supporters who wanted change will get their money’s worth, in short. It is not yet known what amounts the Americans from New York and Dallas intend to inject into the capital of the TFC, in particular for the envelope of their first transfer window. Their real intentions are also unknown, despite reassuring words – it is always a matter of judging on the basis of evidence. What is certain, however, is that the Toulouse boat, submerged by the waves, is already well bailed out.

According to our calculations, before or during the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the TFC is guaranteed to go into crates between 25 and 30M €. This “windfall” comes from three contributions. First, aid for relegation to Ligue 2, which has been multiplied by three and evaluated by our colleagues from The team for the “OS” club (it varies according to his seniority among the elite) at 16M €. Added to this is the famous PGE or Loan guaranteed by the state contracted by the LFP (reimbursement over four years), supposed to fill the last two installments of Canal + and beIN Sports not fully honored; or € 224.5 million to be paid – unequally because according to different criteria – to the 40 residents of L1 and L2. According to our information, Sadran is recovering € 3.5 million.

Finally, the TV rights for 2020-2021 remain which have exploded, let us remember, with the arrival of Mediapro. This overall amount ofa priori 135M € for the second division [L1 et L2 doivent s’entendre définitivement d’ici le 20 juin] will report to Tef, whose boss has actively participated in talks with broadcasters following the cessation of competitions on March 13, some 7.5M €. If we recapitulate, that makes 16 plus 3.5 plus 7.5; or 27 million euros. CQFD.

To which should be added the usual ticketing and marketing receipts, certainly likely down. And, we insist one last time, without taking into consideration player trading, or sales / purchases balance.

In short: knowing that for 2019-2020 Toulouse FC presented a provisional budget of € 35 million and, in the spring, following the financial gendarme’s report, a profit of € 10 million, we can see life in pink on the banks of the Garonne, no ?

It’s not a guarantee to go back to L1, everyone knows, everyone agrees; in the meantime, it’s a start. A good start to the American hour mandate. Because what will count as much, if not more, is the truth on the ground. The proposed show.

Under the star-studded banner, ideas will fill the party.

Dismissed by the administrative court

The appeals filed in emergency procedure by Toulouse (plus Amiens and Lyon) against the decision to stop the season and freeze the ranking after the last day disputed on March 8, were dismissed. Yesterday afternoon, dixit the LFP, the judge of summary proceedings of the Administrative Tribunal of Paris“Logically retained that the decisions of general scope taken by the League’s Board of Directors on April 30 could only be challenged before the Council of State”As we announced on May 14, the TFC has embarked on the legal battle, as have the ASC and OL. Olivier Sadran told this to the partners this week. “We have opened an appeal to the Council of State and the administrative court to defend our interests,” he explained.

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