News Toulouse: man who beat his wife killed by a...

Toulouse: man who beat his wife killed by a police officer


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LA DEPECHE INFO / A drama broke out this Friday evening in an apartment located north of Toulouse in the context of domestic violence. A 47-year-old man presumably attacked a police officer who dispatched the scene with a knife. The victim died. The public prosecutor and the departmental director of public security were on site. They agreed to answer our questions.

“He was already very vengeful. Suddenly, he appeared, knife in hand before deliberately attacking the police at very close range. He expressed his intentions in the terms I let you imagine and one of the directly threatened police officers fired, “said Dominique Alzeari, public prosecutor. It was 1:30 a.m. last night in the heart of the Soupetard district in Toulouse.

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday, a domestic dispute broke out in the closed door of an apartment north of Toulouse. A residence made up of several buildings that the police know well. Feeling in danger, a woman called for help. A first patrol arrived on the spot. “Madame, who is the holder of the lease, wanted him to go. Things dragged on, the man was parliamentarians gathering his things. He was most likely an alcoholic. A second crew was then called, “said Nelson Bouard, the departmental director of public security (DDSP). But the sending of reinforcements did not calm the spouse.

As the “debates” continued, the man grabbed a knife before rushing straight to one of the four officials present. “It was the police officer of the attacked canine brigade who fired in response,” continued Nelson Bouard. The victim was hit in the abdomen. The efforts of the firefighters and the doctors at Samu 31 to revive it were unsuccessful. “This 47 year old man unfortunately died on the spot”, continues the public prosecutor who recalls that only the findings of the forensic doctor will be able to specify the exact cause of death.

SRPJ and IGPN investigated

Tonight, about fifteen police officers paraded for hours to collect clues and the first hearings. The men of the regional judicial police service (SRPJ) were notably on the scene.

Investigations by the Toulouse judicial police and the IGPN continued late into the night.
                                    – DDM – G.J.

“I co-contacted the SRPJ and the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) to carry out the investigations which will be thorough and necessarily objective in order to understand the course of events. Even if the context seems clear and coherent, without prejudging anything ”, underlines Dominique Alzeari. In other words: it is premature to mention the term self-defense, but the first accounts seem to corroborate the version of the police officer who fired.

“The perpetrator was already unfavorably known to the police and the justice system for acts of domestic violence. Sometimes for very violent and unfortunately recurrent altercations, ”notes the DDSP.

And the boss of the police officers of the department did not fail to recall his support for its staff. A psychological cell was also set up for those present during the terrible scene. “They are seasoned and serene. These are people who know their job very well and also the couple with whom they worked on March 27. Legal proceedings had also taken place in 2018 and 2019. ”

That night, the dog handler was heard by the investigators during a free hearing. The weapons, the knife and the Sig Sauer service revolver were placed under seal, as was the apartment where the drama took place.

The apartment where the incident took place has been sealed, as have the weapons seized at night.

The apartment where the incident took place has been sealed, as have the weapons seized at night.
                                    – DDM – MICHEL VIALA


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