Tourism in Corona times: everything is different on vacation 2020

Europe Tourism in Corona times

Everything is different than expected on vacation 2020

2020 should be a record year for tourism. In fact, there is a global downturn in the world, and one cannot travel worry-free in Europe either. However, some types of vacation can grow even in the Corona crisis year.

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The Germans discover vacation in their own country

One was actually forced to do so out of concern for the corona virus. Now a survey shows that 87 percent of Germans were really excited about vacationing in their own country.

Strong minus in tourism in Germany

81 percent fewer tourists were counted in Germany in May 2020 compared to May 2019. The decrease, which the Federal Statistical Office counted among foreign guests, was particularly stark: minus 95 percent to just 176,465.

Of the federal states, Berlin was most affected with minus 90.5 percent guest overnight stays in May 2020 and Hamburg with minus 86.5 percent. Schleswig-Holstein did the best: The minus was “only” at 54.2 percent.

Travel warnings and travel advice from the countries

The travel advice and warnings about Corona are very different in different countries in Europe, as the selection on the map shows. For example, while Austria, Finland and Norway warn against travel to Portugal, the Federal Foreign Office does not advise German vacationers to travel there.

Travel warnings and travel advice from the countries

Source: WORLD infographic

Flights scare vacationers

83 percent of passengers are concerned about being infected with the Corona virus while flying – on the plane or at the airport. This was the result of a survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of passengers from eleven countries worldwide.

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A flight attendant demonstrates the security measures to protect against infection with Corona

Most of them fear sitting near a fellow passenger who has Corona (65 percent), 59 percent are afraid of being infected in full airport buses or trains. 14 percent want to wait a year before getting back on a plane, 36 percent want to wait six months. Two thirds (66 percent) expect to fly less frequently after the pandemic than before.

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Holiday homes and camping are booming

Holiday homes and camping are booming

Source: WORLD infographic

Cruise demand dropped dramatically

At the beginning of the year, the world’s largest cruise association CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) still expected a record-breaking 32 million cruise tourists on the world’s oceans in 2020.

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Of course, lifebuoys belong on a cruise ship - but many other measures are necessary to ensure passenger safety

Travel in times of Corona

Most of the more than 270 cruise ships worldwide are now at a standstill, only a few shipping companies such as Aida, TUI Cruises or Hurtigruten have already started operating again – but only with a few ships, with fewer passengers and without a stopover and shore leave in ports. The World Tourism Organization expects a maximum of six to twelve million cruise ships worldwide by the end of the year.

Development of cruising and global tourism in the times of Corona

Source: WORLD infographic

Worldwide tourism shrinks extremely

While 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were counted around the world last year, the UNWTO expects only 400 to 650 million worldwide this year.

Because of Corona more single vacation

According to a survey by the online travel portal eDreams / Odigeo, 41 percent of Europeans do without an escort on their next trip and prefer to travel alone – the reason is the corona pandemic. Originally, only a quarter of those surveyed wanted to go on vacation solo.

Relaxation at the lake in Bavaria: Because of the corona pandemic, more people go on vacation alone than usual

Relaxation at the lake in Bavaria: Because of the corona pandemic, more people go on vacation alone than usual

Source: Getty Images / Westend61

Holiday tan even without a trip to Mallorca

For many Germans, getting tanned is part of the holiday. Even if the trip to the south is canceled, they don’t want to do without it. According to a study by the market research company Nielsen, the demand for self-tanning creams in Germany has increased rapidly. In the first half of 2020 alone, 13 percent more were sold than in the first six months of last year.

The first large cruise ship has set sail again

The corona pandemic has hit the cruise ship industry hard, but for the first time a ship with more than 1000 passengers has set sail in Hamburg for the first time – under strict hygiene requirements.

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