Tourism spending falls by almost half in the third quarter because Catalans travel less

The residents in Catalonia they performed a 25.6% less travel during the third quarter compared to the same period last year, coinciding with the summer months, to 7.49 million, according to the Survey of Tourism of Familitur Residents of theOTHER. In terms of the number of overnight stays, it was below 50 million, specifically 48.04 million, a figure that represents a decrease of 27.1%, while the tourist drop sank by 48.4%, to 1,928 , 8 million euros. The average expenditure per person stood at 257.3 euros compared to 371 euros in the third quarter of 2019, ie 30.6% less. Per person per day, spending also fell, to 40.1 euros, 29.1% less.

The INE recalls that during the third quarter several autonomous communities closed specific areas to prevent regrowth by the covid-19 and therefore assumed mobility restrictions. At the same time, some foreign steps maintained restrictions on state travel and required quarantine or PCR applications, among others. However, throughout the state, this context caused a decrease of 24.5% in travel (46.1 million), 22.6% in overnight stays (293.2 million) and 44.1% in resident spending (10,783 million euros).

At the state level, tourism to abroad was the most affected, with decreases of 79.3% in travel, 79.9% in overnight stays and 86.5% in spending. Regarding the mode of transport, 88.5% of trips made in the summer were in their own vehicle compared to 78% in the third quarter of 2019, while travel by air fell by 72.8% , by bus they did 60.1% and by train 51.4%.

Despite the circumstances, Catalonia ranked as the second preferred territory of the State for the trips of residents during the third quarter among Spanish citizens, with 13.2% of the total (6.1 million trips) behind Andalusia, which recorded 20.1% (9.2 million). By communities of origin, those who made the most trips are residents of Madrid, with 9.4 million and 20.5% of the total, followed by Catalonia, with 7.5 million, 16.2% of the total.


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