Tourist jumps from a moving cogwheel train

Central Switzerland

Pilatus-Pinkler must continue to expect legal consequences

A Swiss tourist jumps out of the moving cogwheel train on Mount Pilatus. Now the CEO of Pilatus-Bahnen AG speaks about the case.

The man jumped out of the window of the moving train on the last descent from the Pilatus on Saturday evening to pee on the edge of the driving route. It is still open whether and what legal consequences the campaign will have for the tourist. Godi Koch, CEO of Pilatus-Bahnen, said on request on Tuesday afternoon that the clarifications are still in progress. How long this will last is unclear.

The Pilatus Railways in the Ämsigen area.

Image: Robert Hess (August 2013)

“The most important thing is that nothing has happened to the man and that the company has not been significantly influenced,” says Koch. After the man had done his business, he got back into the wagon, which had stopped shortly after the jump, Koch had previously told him “Central plus” said. At the valley station, the Pilatus Bahnen recorded the man’s personal details.

Koch, who has been with the Pilatus Railways for 15 years, says that in his time he had never seen anything that was anywhere near as bizarre as this tourist’s action. It remains to be seen how expensive the stunt and the wild pee will cost the man. (pw)

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