“Tourist’s Near-Death Experience on Peru’s Dangerous Cliffside Amusement Ride Goes Viral”

2023-04-17 04:00:00

▲The amusement facility disintegrated instantly, causing the male passenger to fall off the cliff. (Picture / flip from Twitter)

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Reporter Li Zhenhui / Comprehensive report

A man in Ayacucho, Peru, was riding a dangerous ride on the side of a cliff. When the ride was halfway rotated, he suddenly loosened and fell from the cliff. He was so frightened that he saw people screaming. The 20-second video went viral on the Internet. According to rumors, the police successfully found the man who fell off the cliff and rushed him to the hospital.

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The incident happened earlier this month on the viewing platform of Cabrapata (Cabrapata), a tourist attraction in Peru. It can be seen in the video that a man was riding an amusement ride by the cliff, and after being tied to the seat by a safety belt, the staff on the sidelines Rotate the device to keep him spinning in the air, making him squeal with excitement.

Just when the man was in the middle of the ride, the amusement facility suddenly disintegrated, causing him to fall off the cliff on the spot. The excited screams instantly turned into screams, which shocked the friends who were shooting videos with their mobile phones at the time, and the scene was very chaotic.

The police later found the man who fell off the cliff successfully. Although he suffered multiple injuries all over his body, he survived fortunately. Authorities have closed the dangerous ride and ordered the company not to continue operating.

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