world Towards a gradual deconfinement of Belgium? "Going too fast...

Towards a gradual deconfinement of Belgium? “Going too fast would be a mistake, efforts must be maintained”


In recent days, there has been more and more talk of a possible progressive deconfinement. On the occasion of the daily update from the FPS Public Health and the Crisis Center on the evolution of the coronavirus in Belgium, Emmanuel André spoke about the possibility of deconfinement in the near future.

“The fact that we see positive signals compared to the number of people hospitalized each day gives some hope of being able to progress towards a return to normal”, underlined the virologist, before clarifying that the deconfinement is not to be expected in the next few days. “Going too fast would be a mistake because the virus could resume spreading in the community without us being able to control it. What has been initiated is thinking about how and when we can do the deconfinement. It is necessary to be able to start it now because it is a time consuming job. But that doesn’t mean we start it, certainly not. We have to maintain what we are doing. The different deadlines that are coming will be symbolic moments to give the direction we are taking ”.

Asked about the possibility of keeping the borders closed during the summer holidays, the virologist did not rule out the possibility of authorizing trips abroad. “The situation in Belgium will depend on the situation in the countries with which we are in contact or with which we have a lot of connection. You have to take into account the evolution of the epidemic in other countries. We must also move to a coordination effort at European or global level and take the appropriate choices to return to more international connections without taking additional risks ”




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