towards the exclusion of a majority of Moroccans

Moroccans will have to pay more than in 2019 to afford this luxury from November 2, reports The 360. The price of the dose sold in 2019 at 79 DH now goes to 125 DH. Worse, the offer will be limited this year unlike the previous year. For those responsible for the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy (reporting to the Ministry of Health), the virtual meeting held this Wednesday with the executives of the supervisory ministry was a disappointment. According to union members, they campaigned in vain to involve pharmacists free of charge in the act of vaccination.

The president of the CSPM, Mohammed Lahbabi denounced the decision of the ministry to impose the purchase of vaccines in pharmacies against a prescription. According to him, “this measure is likely to better serve the interests of physicians, to the detriment of patients.” According to Mohammed Lahbabi, the vaccination campaign will be difficult to access this year to poor people not benefiting from any form of medical coverage. These people will now have to pay nearly 400 to 450 dirhams to pay the costs of the doctor, the vaccine and, finally, the act of vaccination.

The other concern of the CSPM is related to the supply of sufficient doses of vaccine. While the Sanofi laboratory has announced an annual increase in global production of 20%, the Moroccan authorities only plan to procure 300,000 doses against 600,000 in 2019 despite the very worrying health context in the Kingdom.

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