Tower of Fantasy includes ways to earn money.

ingame Tower of Fantasy The base currency will be Gold or gold coins. that is the internal international currencygame which players can use this gold coin to upgrade various equipment However, to power up almost any equipment would require almost all gold coins. Today, I will introduce methods and places to earn gold coins.

Gold coins are very important inside.gameThis is because the player will need to use it to empower the character. to make the characters better By enhancing the power that requires gold coins, it can be divided as follows.

1. Weapon enhancement and upgrade

Every level of weapon enhancement and promotion requires gold coins to upgrade. And players have to strengthen up to 3 main weapons together, gold coins are very necessary.

2.Matrix Empowerment

Matrix is ​​very important ingameThis is because it will greatly increase the power of the player’s weapon. Powering up the Matrix would also require gold coins.

3. Equipment enhancement

In this game, players can equip their characters with quite a few pieces of equipment. And each piece needs empowering to increase the stats of the equipment to be higher in order to give players better stats, and empowering these equipment also requires gold coins.

Where and how to earn gold coins

1. Spacetime Domain

It is a dungeon that will require a life force (Vitality) to drop 30 units at a time, which will have a total of 5 levels of difficulty. The reward will be Gold coins (Gold) and Energy Crystal Dust (Energy Crystal Dust), the number of rewards will increase with the level of difficulty.

2. Ancient Ruins (Ruin)

Exploring in the Ruin Dungeon is similar to going into Spacetime because the levels you have to enter are all the same. The difference is that when running a Ruin, players do not have to pay Vitality, but can play and receive rewards 1 time per difficulty level. Can’t re-download

3. Do Weekly Quests

Collecting quests, in addition to being rewarded with event points or items, there are also quests that can be awarded in gold.


4. Store support

Players can purchase Gold Coins from the Support Shop by spending 70 Support Points. Purchasing Gold Coins is limited to 50 times per week. Each purchase earns 1000 gold, which support points can be earned by joining a party with other players in Joint Operations


In the beginning, gold coins were quite necessary. Because the player will have to use the power to the character. To pass the level and fight various enemies. which if not farming or collecting a lot of gold coins This will make it difficult in the mid-game where players will want to upgrade their equipment to a higher level.

All of these are ways to earn gold or gold coins. It is recommended that at first the farm should be kept a lot. because at the end Required to enhance quite a lot. and if friends I want a good tip or a cool way to play Don’t forget to follow Sanook Game Let’s keep it together!

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