Toyota Hilux from Back to the Future auctioned off


Although the saga of Return to the future focuses on the story that embodies the character of Michael J Fox we can find two mythical vehicles. we already know the DeLorean, but now let’s focus on the Toyota Hilux SR5 from 1985, the one that young Marty longed for so much.

This pick-up was known to be a solid and reliable model, unbreakable for the time. This made the Japanese firm have many followers who became fond of the brand and the truck that is still on the market to this day.

It had a 2.4 liter engine four-cylinder, delivering a power of 112 CV. It also had a torque of 19,5 kgm and one five-speed manual gearbox.
Toyota Hilux Back to the Future
Other details that we can find in this Hilux Are the 31-inch Goodyear Wrangles tiresgray leather interior, fog lights and a stereo with a cassette player.

So far, the official site of the Bring A Trailer auction has not communicated the amount with which the highest bidder ended, although it was estimated that it would at least exceed $15,000. We show you more images of the Toyota Hilux Xtra cab 1985.

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