Toyota introduces the new RAV4 plug-in hybrid and Yaris, as well as the second generation of the Mirai

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The year 2020 will once again be a great year for Toyota, which will continue with the deployment of its product offensive, with news in different segments and, again, great prominence for its hybrid electric technology. It will be the plug-in hybrid version of RAV4; the new Yaris, which will be the safest urban in the world; In addition to showing, in the form of a prototype, the new Mirai and all its advances in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology during the Kenshiki Forum 2020 held by the brand in Amsterdam.

Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid

It will be the new standard of Toyota’s hybrid electric range in Europe, offering not only more power, but also lower emissions and even lower fuel consumption, better than any other model in its segment.

The new RAV4 plug-in hybrid will combine the best of two worlds: it incorporates Toyota’s most modern electric hybrid technology, with more power and better dynamic performance, and can also function as a true 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions, but without having to worry about EV autonomy or the need to stop recharging the battery.

The plug-in hybrid variant of RAV4, which incorporates Toyota’s AWD-i intelligent all-wheel drive system, will be manufactured on the GA-K platform, which offers more advantages thanks to the placement of the hybrid battery under the floor.

With a power of 225 kW / 306 hp DIN, the new RAV4 plug-in hybrid can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.2 seconds *, a figure better than that of any of its rivals with conventional motorization. In addition, it promises to achieve the lowest levels of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in its segment: the data in the WLTP cycle prior to approval indicate CO2 emissions of less than 29 g / km. There is no other SUV 4×4 plug-in hybrid segment D with similar efficiency levels.

Toyota Yaris

The new Toyota Yaris, the first Toyota urban model developed based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture – Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) – will be a revolution thanks to its design as well as its 4th generation hybrid engine system 3-cylinder based on TNGA and its innovative GA-B platform. Along with all this, the latest advances in active and passive security systems will shape the safest urban in the world.

The design of the new Toyota Yaris, under the concept “solid and agile”, will make it stand out in a segment of the market in which the new models have always been growing in size, something that does not happen in the new Toyota representative among urban ones, since those are 5 mm shorter than the model it will replace. But the new Yaris will have a 50 mm greater wheelbase, thus achieving better maneuverability in the city and when parking, preserving the interior space and offering a comfortable and spacious cabin on a body of contained dimensions.

In addition, the GA-B platform makes a 40 mm reduction in the total height of Yaris possible while maintaining the same interior space thanks to the fact that the seats are now closer to the ground. In addition, a lower hood improves front visibility. The new GA-B platform is also crucial to achieve the driving pleasure offered by the new Yaris, the new reference in the B segment thanks to its great stability, precise response, agility and confidence that it transmits to the driver at all times .

The combination of the dimensions of the new Yaris, compact, low and wide, the dynamic qualities of the GA-B platform and the performance of the 4th generation hybrid system give the new generation of Yaris a driving touch and a unique response . The latest generation of Toyota’s hybrid technology premieres on the main engine of the new Yaris. This is the 1.5 Dynamic Force hybrid system, which derives directly from the 2.0 and 2.5 liter engines recently introduced in the new Corolla, RAV4 and Camry.

The new Yaris will stand out for its high levels of active and passive safety, becoming the safest urban model in the world thanks to Toyota Safety Sense, the set of safety and driving assistance systems from Toyota. Thus, it includes advanced driver assistance systems such as the Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, which operates at any speed, and the Trajectory Maintenance System, which are equipped in the latest Toyota models -Corolla and RAV4-.

Toyota Mirai

Toyota pioneered the introduction in 2014 of the Toyota Mirai, the first hydrogen-powered sedan. Now, Toyota’s advanced fuel cell electric vehicle technology –uel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) – reaches a new level thanks to Mirai’s second generation.

Mirai has managed to raise awareness around the world on how to achieve a clean and sustainable future society. It is a vehicle of great technical sophistication and, nevertheless, eminently practical. With an autonomy of about 500 km, it is easily refilled in a matter of minutes and its only emissions are water vapor. Since its launch, around 10,000 units have been sold and, in parallel, Toyota has actively supported the development of hydrogen refueling infrastructure in key markets around the world.

Now, Toyota presents an advance of the advances that are introducing the aspects of the new Mirai, in terms of technique, dynamics and design. The new Mirai, which will be launched throughout 2020, initially in Japan, North America and Europe, will be much more than an environmentally friendly vehicle and will demonstrate how its FCEV technology is compatible with making it an attractive and fun image model of driving.

Efficiency remains a fundamental aspect of Mirai. Therefore, Toyota aims to increase autonomy by 30% by introducing improvements in the fuel cell system and the use of larger capacity hydrogen deposits. Thus, the new Mirai will have three deposits – one longer and two short ones – which, together, will increase the storage capacity by approximately one kilo of extra hydrogen compared to the first generation of Mirai. .


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