Trade unions greet the inauguration of President Francisco Sagasti nndc | ECONOMY

Confiep, IPAE Business Association, the National Industry Society (SNI) and the National Fisheries Society (SNP) were in favor of the inauguration of the interim president of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti, and his message on the economic reactivation.

“President Francisco Sagasti, the private sector reiterates its commitment to reactivating the country for the well-being of all Peruvians”, indicated Confiep on its Twitter account.

Today during his speech before the Congress of the Republic, Sagasti insisted on the importance of economic reactivation taking care of public accounts, and called on the private sector to boost employment.

“We hope that the new president will show the country a different way of doing politics, based on putting citizen interests first; listen, dialogue and build consensus; as well as respecting the Constitution and acting with the utmost honesty “Elena Conterno, president of IPAE Business Association, underlined in a statement.

For her part, the head of the SNP, Cayetana Aljovín, addressed the president: “Count on the private sector, we all want to continue working for the economic reactivation and go back to creating stable and formal jobs”he told TV Peru.

In addition, the businesswoman stressed the need for a cabinet with capable officials, who can ensure stability during the eight months of the transitional government.

“It has to be a broad-based, consensus cabinet. They are eight months of government and we need the best cadres to join this cabinet, with a lot of experience in public management “, he pointed out.

Earlier, the president of the National Society of Industries (SNI), expressed his agreement with the new president of the Republic.

“We are calm because we know the capacity of the new president Sagasti. When we look at his curriculum, we know that he has worked in the economy, said the president of the SNI, Ricardo Márquez, in dialogue with Latina.


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