Traded in the Chris Paul trade, Ricky Rubio reacts, disgusted

While he felt good in Phoenix and pined for a promising season, Ricky Rubio was collateral damage in Chris Paul’s arrival in Arizona. His reaction translates a great bitterness …

The NBA is a ruthless business, which cares little about each other’s moods. The last to have learned it the hard way? Ricky Rubio, yet broken in the competitions of the North American league.

Essential to the Suns last year, the Spaniard was positive about the coming season alongside Devin Booker. This will not be the case, since the leader is going to pack his bags to join… a Thunder in full reconstruction, which seeks above all to amass picks.

But you know the diction: you don’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, and to bring in Chris Paul, the Phoenix front office had to make the painful choice to part ways with Rubio. Except that the pill has trouble getting through to the main interested party, who did not hide it on Twitter:

… Quel business 🙃

It will probably take Ricky several days to digest this deal. However, such adventures are part of the daily life of an NBA player, and his new franchise will expect him to be a perfect professional.

And after all, why not emulate Chris Paul by signing a reference season, and increasing his odds in view of a trade elsewhere a few months later? Things are going fast in the league, and keeping a cool head is one of the best qualities to have.

Frustration, anger, dumbfounded: Ricky Rubio is going to have a bad night. So goes life in the NBA.

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