Traders watch Taiwan stocks: the 500 billion era is coming, you must be a winner and don’t commit a move | Anue Ju Heng-Taiwan Stock News

I mentioned earlier that the key to affecting Taiwan stocks is the progress of vaccines (including international procurement and domestic production), which determines the speed at which the local epidemic may be controlled. Sure enough, with the arrival of 300,000 doses of AZ and Modena vaccines in Taiwan, coupled with the market report that Japan intends to support Taiwan’s AZ vaccines, and the third quarter domestic vaccines have the opportunity to come out, market confidence is heating up. The market rose by 269 points on 5/28 and closed at 16,870 points. The K-line closed long red and stood firm at the monthly and quarterly lines. It is worth noting that the monthly K-line has left a long lower shadow line, which shows that May is a wash The pattern is not a turning pattern. Judging from the previous U.S. stock market or the recent Indian stock market, the stock market reacted to the epidemic in the same way; when the epidemic broke out, the stocks would first fall for 1 to 2 weeks, and then the quarantine measures and vaccines were gradually put in place, and the stock market began to stabilize. Then under the economic stimulus policy, it began to rise. When the number of confirmed cases fell, the stock market had already risen for a while. This time, Taiwan stocks also rose. The difference lies in the way they rise.

Recently, we have continued to discuss stock selection based on the two time axes of the epidemic, namely, the epidemic prevention concept stocks that are warming up in the local epidemic and the booming recovery stocks that are cooling down in Europe and the United States. A few days ago, it was mentioned that the concept of epidemic prevention has entered the anti-epidemic treatment process from quick screening reagents for testing whether the diagnosis is confirmed or not and pre-prevented vaccines. With the increase in the number of severe cases, how to treat patients in the intensive care unit with severe lung inflammation and who rely on respirators has become a new topic. Therefore, the demand for anti-epidemic drugs, medical materials and other products is expected to increase. Recently, drugs related to anti-epidemic drugs Huayao, Yida, Taiyao, Yabo and Yousheng for respirators, and imperial physicians for closed sputum suction tubes all have funds to settle in, showing that the market is gradually agreeing with related themes.

As for the economic recovery stocks dominated by the European and American markets, following the market’s optimism and anticipation of retaliatory consumption, the demand for people’s livelihood products has increased sharply. The optimistic shipping stocks such as Wanhai, Evergreen, and Yangming, textile stocks Jisheng, Nianxing, Ruhong After the big rise; in the near future, with the US President Biden will raise 6 trillionU.S. dollarThe budget plans to invest in US infrastructure such as roads and railways, water pipes, electric vehicle charging stations, and broadband networks. In addition, sales of automobiles, machinery, construction, and home appliances are gradually recovering. The market also has expectations for raw materials such as steel. , Believes that even if China suppresses prices in the short-term, the overall trend is still upward due to stable global demand. For example, Zhonghong, Yehui, Dacheng Steel, Xinguang Steel, etc., the continued attack in June can be observed. In addition, copper prices have stabilized, and related concept stocks can also be noted.

At this stage, since the United States is an indicator of this wave of economic recovery in Europe and the United States, the prospects for subsequent industries dominated by US demand are relatively optimistic, which of course also includes the demand for electronic products. I mentioned earlier that the peak season for electronic products is in the 4th season, and the sourcing is in the 3rd season. Currently, the MCU group blessed during the peak season is used as an indicator. Nuvoton and Weiquan Electronics have recently become stronger and continue to track. For a trader, with the previous forecast that the average monthly volume of Taiwanese stocks has increased to 500 billion, the market will have the ability to simultaneously exist in multiple mainstream ethnic groups; at this time, the importance of analyzing the proportion of transactions has declined, so don’t worry about the proportion of electronic products. Can it rise? Is the proportion of shipping overheated? The stocks in hand are not moving. do not forget! For Taiwan stocks on 5/28, the steel, shipping, electronics, and epidemic prevention groups all have their stocks attacking the upper limit. Finding these stocks in advance is far more important than analyzing the current situation. There are more opportunities to lock in [email protected]迷团. (This column will be published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)

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