Tradition breaks: Melania Trump will not invite a new first lady to the White House | TV and Show

The first American lady, Melania Trump, broke a tradition by not inviting her successor, Jill Biden, wife of US President-elect Joe Biden, to take a private tour of the White House before transfer of command.

“Melania Trump will become the first modern first lady not to invite the woman who will replace her in the White House to take a tour of the private rooms on the second and third floors,” said an article released by CNN.

The version indicated that this breaks with a tradition that dates back to the meeting between Bess Truman, the wife of Harry S. Truman (1945-1953) and Mamie Eisenhower, wife of Dwight David Eisenhower (1953-1961), and which continued at the time Laura Bush, whose daughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush, showed Sasha and Malia Obama “how to slide down the railing of the residence.”

Michelle Obama also invited Melania Trump, following to the letter what is considered an unwritten tradition among the first ladies.

During Tuesday’s session, Asheley Biden, daughter of the president-elect, was asked about the tradition on the Today television program. “Has your mom heard from Melania Trump about doing the traditional protocols?” Jenna Bush Hager asked her.

“No, I don’t think they are following traditional protocol, which is unfortunate,” he replied. “But I think we all agree with that,” he added.

“Perhaps not surprisingly, Melania Trump has flouted a social norm of her position. Every president of a term – and his wife – has felt the sting of defeat, but unlike her husband, none of them has refused to accept the results of the elections, ”said Kate Andersen Brower in an opinion column, author of three books on the ins and outs of the White House.

Brower mentions that although Betty Ford was furious when her husband, Gerald Ford, lost the Presidency in 1976, she welcomed his successor, Rosalynn Carter, not before having canceled two previous attempts to reunite.

On the other hand, the author highlights the transition from the Bushes to the Obamas as one of the “smoothest in modern history”. Laura Bush, as outgoing first lady, invited Michelle Obama to the White House twice: once alone and once with her daughters.

The wife of George W. Bush (2001-2009) included as the first stop of the tour at the presidential residence the rooms that she considered would like most to Sasha and Malia, who were then 7 and 10 years old, according to the article.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are expected to attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony., who, along with their wives, will later accompany the elected president, Joe Biden, to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


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