Traditional criticism!

The Red Devils got 1 point and came back from the Saints’ home. The kind that does not lose is already merit. but in my feelings It is to lose 2 points because of the potential of the team. and play form It’s a game that only requires 3 points.

The show was in a terrible form. And winning as beautiful as the last game, I admire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

so bad playing time and did not get the desired results I’d like to criticize some of the fabrics already. not better or know better than the manager

Traditional criticism!

1. When the list of 11 real players came out, it seemed that most of the ghost kids didn’t quite agree.

Especially the real fit of Nemanja Matic and Anthony Martial, plus, in doubt, why not send Jadon Sancho to start???

I later learned that Scott McTominay wasn’t perfect enough, ‘Nema’ came on as his replacement, while ‘Merling Xiao’ did well in training. and warm up, so get a chance As for the new star player for a fee of 73 million pounds may still have to adjust for a while.

In fact, if McTom wasn’t ready, Paul Pogba moved in as a central midfielder and could start with Jadon Sancho, why not? New players from other teams just arrived. He could go down straight away and even Jesse Lingard could start on the left.

Hmmmm… well

Writing like this is probably not going to get me wronged by the beautiful world football fans who like to help Aunt Candy and say…how can you know better than the coach?

It’s true of him.

But when the performance of the lineup that has been arranged, it comes out like this. Let me tell you frankly that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has broken lungs as usual. Because the team is afraid of losing too much

Traditional criticism!

2. This item wants you to see how to play. Southampton

The Saints coach planned to have his players squeeze high while pressing into the top half.

As soon as a demon beast player received the ball, it would be quickly hijacked.

What happened was that Manchester United didn’t set the ball well. When they are crushed they tend to panic and pass the ball too much, especially the two central midfielders who connect the game from back to front.

With the style of play of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to start the game from the front door The engine room in the middle is very important. If you can’t play, it’s over.

Nemanja Matic thinks slow-acts slow. When squeezed, the game freezes, while Fred, when squeezed, goes berserk.

besides Southampton Will follow the plan well while forcing the opponent to play badly. The quality of Manchester United’s passing is still in a bad way.

That is, even if they are not squeezed, they still pay each other stubbornly. The distance is only 5 meters. Your brothers and sisters still make mistakes in paying.

And the most important thing is that they often pass the ball in the middle of the way when making an offensive game. instead of invading turned into a raid Plus players will lose their position. Precarious to lose goals

Traditional criticism!

3. Manchester United conceded 1 goal and almost conceded 1 goal in a very angry way.

Goals lost, Bruno Fernandes were taken a little too easily. Instead of following up immediately, pushing to stop playing and complaining about why it wasn’t a foul.

only not enough

European Championship level defender Harry Maguire has hit rock shelter a little easier.

I don’t want to compare, if it’s Virgil van Dijk, I don’t concede goals.

Another moment that almost conceded a goal was caused by the melon-headed captain’s recklessness.

Southampton High-pressing is really good. But the offensive performance is not much. But it was because of Manchester United’s own mistakes that made the opponent’s attacking game look scary.

Traditional criticism!

4. Man Utd equalized quickly early in the second half. because competitors change the way they play By removing the attacker and sending more defenders down and retreating to defend. to maintain the score which is no different from beckoning to shake

when quickly recovered Momentum swung to the side.

At that moment, the Vikings coach rushed to send Jadon Sancho to replace Anthony Martial to continue the attacking game.

But invaded the pressure for about 10 minutes, almost up to the lead for another 2 strokes, the engine was pushing down again!!!

In the last 20 minutes, the last 15 minutes on the bench were some good long-range goalscorers like Jesse Lingard or Donny van de Beek.

The game is not good if you want to win. It takes a bit of courage.

If you risk and lose Fans should understand why.

So, Jesse Lingard was sent on as a substitute for Serbia’s ‘Hia Lai’ in the 85th minute.

Traditional criticism!

5. Hmmm…just the second game, there’s still a long way to go What will you murmur?

Well…just the 2nd game, but it seems like it’s going to be the same from last season, 2 seasons ago…again. Despite the investment to improve the team for more than 100 million pounds.

Do not claim that you still lack that position, this position, plus the body is not perfect in every position. The squad is still smaller than rivals like Manchester City or Chelsea, because this is where they find it. Southampton, oh yeah, it’s Southampton that doesn’t fit well

If it’s not ‘Dream Team’ enough, the person who is the manager, it has to show some skills.

At least make the form of play more consistent than this is enough.

Bo. Boo

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