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Tihuatlán, Ver.- To this day, the inhabitants are still in suspense to specify more localities, however, it is the State Congress that defines and authorizes, where at least six rural areas are currently being analyzed.

The secretary of the City Council, Rodolfo Hernández Méndez, said that thanks to a census by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) it was confirmed that the areas of San Fernando, Vegas de Acuatempa and Nuevo Zipaltlán, which are part of the towns, have disappeared . adjacent to its territorial extension.

He pointed out that in the municipality where the number of communities can increase, in accordance with the authorization of the State Congress and other bodies, it is precisely San Isidro, San Ángel, Chontla, Pedro Garza, Juárez and La Estrella, where they manage this is a colony Zacate Colorado, however, like others, continue to be analyzed.

Photo: Jesús Alan Mendoza / Northeast

“This entire process is carried out in accordance with what the law establishes, in addition to the approval of the State Congress itself, which must then publish it in the Official Gazette so that it finally begins with the recognition and organization of its own agents or municipal subagents.

He adds that this is undoubtedly a process with a long process and paperwork, due to the careful study that is carried out both on the number of inhabitants of the rural area, its territorial extension, basic services, current documentation of possession, among other essential requirements.

By Jesús Alan Mendoza

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