Traffic light coalition: completion of the red-green-yellow sounding

AA new beginning, progress, modernization, renewal – there was no shortage of big words at the end of the red-green-yellow exploration. More like a concrete act. The result of the negotiations was initially only available on paper in a very conventional manner – the electronic dispatch then took longer despite all the assertions about digital necessities. You could overlook that if the content is right. Doubts are allowed.

The aim is to create climate-neutral prosperity, to produce more electricity from the sun and wind, and at the same time to end the levy introduced to expand renewable energies as quickly as possible. But where should the money come from?

Lots of airy prose

The explorers want to increase the statutory minimum wage to 12 euros in the first year – as SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has promised. Although the state interferes extremely in the wage setting, they are committed to collective bargaining autonomy. That is political dialectic. Outsiders shouldn’t even try to understand.

On the other hand, it makes sense to endeavor to reform mini and midi jobs in such a way that the change to normal employment is easier. They want to fix the pension level of 48 percent and not increase the retirement age any further. It’s popular, but difficult to finance. The SPD, Greens and FDP speak of a decade of future investments. They neither want to revive the wealth tax nor increase the large community taxes. And they are committed to the debt brake. Will it work without any tricks?

The three want to gain leeway by examining “superfluous” and “environmentally harmful” expenditure. One shouldn’t expect too much from it. As finance minister, Scholz could have done that long ago.

All in all, there is a lot of airy prose alongside concrete statements, contradicting things alongside sensible approaches. The chapter on climate protection shimmers green, that on the modern world of work reddish and that on public finances yellowish. It’s colorful, not round. A real departure takes more than big words.


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