“Traffic Updates: Long Weekend Returns Cause High Risk of Jams on North German Highways”

2023-05-29 09:48:22

Status: 05/29/2023 11:34 am

The long weekend is coming to an end for many – and this means that the risk of traffic jams on the motorways is increasing again today. However, it shouldn’t be as crowded as when you arrived.

According to the General German Automobile Club (ADAC), the return traffic will be distributed somewhat better because school in Lower Saxony, Bremen and North Rhine-Westphalia does not start until Wednesday. Some families are therefore only likely to make their way home on Tuesday.

Night construction site causes closures on the A7 in Hanover

In addition to well-known junctions, there could also be traffic obstructions on the A7 near Hanover from Tuesday. Because the asphalt at the Hanover-Anderten junction is being renewed by June 3, the area is partially closed at night.

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Numerous construction sites in the north exacerbate the situation

There are also many other construction sites in the north, especially on the A1 and A7. The risk of traffic jams is high, especially around Hanover and Hamburg, but also in the Hildesheim area and in the Bremen area. On the A1, from the Maschen junction in the direction of Lübeck, the roadway is being renewed up to the Süderelbbrücken, and construction is also underway between Bramsche and Vechta. Construction sites have been set up on the A7 at the Thieshope junction and on the A27 near Walsrode. The A7 will also be expanded to the south and north of the Elbe Tunnel. A two-kilometer noise protection tunnel is being built in Hamburg-Altona. In Schleswig-Holstein, things get tight, especially on the A1. At Reinfeld, the autobahn will be narrowed from three to two lanes in both directions. North of Lübeck, construction sites between Ratekau and Sereetz (Ostholstein) and between Oldenburg-Mitte and Jahnshof (Ostholstein) impede traffic.

Accidents and traffic paralyze several routes

For the journey to the Pentecost weekend on Friday and Saturday, the motorways were overcrowded in places and there were sometimes long traffic jams. On Saturday, an accident on the A2 in Lower Saxony also caused considerable delays. A lane between Lauenau (Schaumburg district) and Wunstorf-Luthe (Hanover region) in the direction of Hanover was closed for the salvage work. An accident between Hamburg-Stillhorn and Maschener Kreuz on the A1 in the direction of Bremen caused the travel time to be about one and a half hours longer. In Schleswig-Holstein, traffic stopped on the A1 towards Lübeck between Bad Oldesloe and Reinfeld. There was also a lot going on on the A7 at the Elbe tunnel in Hamburg. “Weekend excursions cause massive traffic jams,” said an ADAC spokeswoman. Then everyone would be on the road at the same time – commuters, trucks and vacationers.

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