Traffickers hide cocaine in Corn Flakes

Traffickers attempting to ship cocaine to Hong Kong attempted to conceal the drugs in boxes of Corn Flakes cereal.

In a statement, Cincinnati Customs and Border Patrol said it seized 44 pounds of cocaine-coated grain. Authorities estimate the loot’s resale value at $ 2.8 million.

The cereal boxes were shipped from Peru to a residence in Hong Kong, China. The package was in transit through Cincinnati at the time it was intercepted. It was thanks to Bico, a sniffer dog, that the authorities got their hands on the package.

Upon opening the boxes, officers discovered that the cereal contained white powder and that the flakes were coated with a “grayish substance”.

After testing the flakes and powder, they discovered that the frosted flakes contained cocaine.

Since October, Cincinnati customs officials have seized 50 shipments of approximately 433 pounds of green powder cocaine disguised as matcha or moringa powder, two popular nutritional supplements, ABC Cincinnati reports.


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