Tragedy in Beirut: 63 dead and 3,000 wounded in the explosion at the city’s port | Lebanon

At least 63 people have died and some 3,000 were injured after a large-scale explosion that occurred on Tuesday in the port of Beirut (Lebanon) for causes still under investigation, a source from the Ministry of Health reported.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health who requested anonymity confirmed by telephone the number of deaths and injuries, which have left the hospitals of the Lebanese capital full of injured.

The explosion occurred in the afternoon in a warehouse with explosive material after a fire for unknown causes.

Eyewitnesses told Efe that there was glass breakage in homes more than five kilometers from the explosion and that the buildings suffered damage of various kinds within a radius of more than two kilometers.

Images broadcast on social networks showed the moment of the detonation that caused a large mushroom cloud rising in the sky and a strong shock wave that has affected several neighborhoods of the city and caused material damage.

Lebanese General Security Director Ibrahim Abbas told the media on a visit to the port of Beirut that “it appears that the explosion occurred in a warehouse with highly explosive material confiscated for years.”

The authorities have given an order to mobilize the Army, enable hospital facilities to care for the wounded, and provide shelter to all those who have been displaced by the explosion.

The Lebanese government declared a day of national mourning on Wednesday for the victims of the explosion and it has announced an investigation for those responsible to answer for the event.



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