Tragic Accident in Bucaramanga: Irresponsible Motorcyclist Takes Life of Promising Medical Student

2023-08-17 22:30:03

Unfortunately, the eagerness of a motorcyclist took the life of a young woman in Bucaramanga, who was only three months away from graduating; her irresponsibility again does her thing. Involved in the death of a medical student in this city, he did not respect traffic signals and did not have a license.

María Juliana Murzi Pabón, victim of the accident, needed three months to finish her studies on surgery and thus be able to graduate as a doctor at the University of Santander – UDES.

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According to Bucaramanga Transit Director, Carlos Bueno, confirmed that the driver of the motorcycle that crashed with the medicine student from the University of Santander, María Juliana Murzi Pabón, He did not have any type of document to drive the motorcycle, he does not have a license, additionally he did not have a SOAT or a valid technical-mechanical inspection.

The road accident occurred at the intersection of Carrera 27 with Avenida González Valencia in the early hours of Monday, August 14, in the capital of the department of Santander, At the scene of the events there are two cameras through which the facts were confirmed, where it is verified that the driver of the motorcycle was speeding and did not attend the red light, at the traffic light located on Avenida González Valencia when he was traveling south-north. Recklessly passing, he crashes into the motorcycle of María Julia Murzi, who was going from Floridablanca to the Comuneros clinic through Carrera 27.

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The driver was identified as Ángelo Umbría Agüero, a 24-year-old motorcyclist of Venezuelan origin, This person was tested for alcohol and drug use.

María Juliana Murzi Pabón, victim of the accident

Around 5:25 am, María Julia was heading towards the Los Comuneros Clinic, where she was doing her university internship. She was in her last semester of medicine.

Ángelo Umbría Agüero, according to what was compiled by the authorities, works as a home worker. He remains in the Intensive Care Unit, ICU, of the Chicamocha Clinic after the serious traumas he suffered.

The deceased was driving a white Kymco Agility motorcycle with license plate RNQ-82B. The transgressor was on a black Suzuki GN motorcycle with PPI-04E plates.

In 2017, after completing her primary studies at the Pablo Neruda School and her baccalaureate at the María Inmaculada Superior Normal School, in the Araucanian capital, María Juliana traveled to Bucaramanga to fulfill her dream of being a doctor and entered the Faculty of Medicine. of the UDES.

According to some friends of the victim of the fatal accident, María Juliana Murzi Pabón needed three months to finish her studies on surgery and thus graduate.

It is sad that irresponsibility in motorcyclists, eagerness and haste, especially speeding combined with not respecting traffic regulations, end the lives of young promises in our country.

Given this, what do you think? Tell us about cases of this type that you know of?

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