Tragic crash on the route to the Coast: two died …

Two young people died and five other people were seriously injured, while a girl lost a pregnancy, after a collision between two cars on Route 56 at the height of the Buenos Aires district of General Conesa. The wounded are admitted to hospitals in Dolores and Mar del Plata.

The crash came on Friday when a white Renault Clio in which a group of four friends was traveling hit head-on into a red Volkswagen Fox of a family of three.

LThe young people were originally from the city of La Plata and traveled to Pinamar to spend the long weekend, where another friend was waiting for them in a fifth. The driver of the shooting, identified as Sofía Duró, 26, died on the spot, as did Charo Álvarez Amado, the same age, who was in the passenger seat.

Back they traveled Micaela Crino Pacher, 25 years old, and Florence Barrios, 26, who had to be rushed to the Ana Rosa Gutiérrez de Madariaga Hospital. Barrios was pregnant for 33 weeks and had to be taken to the Interzonal General Hospital of Agudos de Mar del Plata. There the doctors performed an emergency cesarean section and confirmed the loss of the baby due to the injuries suffered by the young woman in the accident. Crino Pacher was also transferred to a hospital in Mar del Plata.

For its part, Three members of a family with domicile in the Buenos Aires city of San Isidro traveled in Fox who were returning from the coast to their city.

The driver, identified as Juan Manuel Luder placeholder image, 26, with his sister, Maria Luder, 25 and Maria Silvina D ´Amico, 61, were transferred to the San Roque de Dolores Hospital, where were admitted to intensive care.

Experts from the Buenos Aires Scientific Police carried out measurements to assess the condition of the asphalt tape at the place where the impact occurred and under what circumstances the accident occurred.

The investigation was left in the hands of the prosecutor Diego Torres in charge of the Dolores Prosecutor’s Office number has Luder, the only one of the drivers alive, as the only defendant for double wrongful death.


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