Trail Blazers Anfernee Simons Wins 2021 Slam Dunk Champion with Physical Fitness Performance-Basketball Count |

Show off homage dunk in qualifying round

The NBA All-Star 2021 Slam Dunk Contest was won by Trail Blazers’ Anfernee Simons.

This year’s dunk contest will take place during the half-time of the All-Star Game, with Pacers’ Cassias Stanley, Knicks’ Obadiah Toppin, and the Blazers’ Simons. Two performances were performed in the qualifying round, and the top two players with the highest total score advanced to the final round. The final round was held with the rule that after the performance of two people, five judges wrote the name of the superior one on the board, and the player who gained more support won the championship.

Two people, Toppin and Simons, advanced to the final round. In the first qualifying round, Toppin bounced the ball, passed through his crotch, grabbed it in the air and performed a reverse dunk technique, scoring 48 points. The second time, he called his teammate Julius Randle and his father to the court, and succeeded in a one-handed windmill dunk that surpassed humans by arranging them vertically, scoring 46 points.

Simons, on the other hand, installs a small ring above the rim and sets the ball there to perform an idea dunk. The dunk itself was very simple, but fortunately it appealed to the high jumping power in an easy-to-understand manner, marking 46 points in the first time. The second time, I wore a Raptors retro jersey with the name of Tracy McGrady, a player in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Wearing this, Simons got a high score of 49 points by homage to McGrady’s 360 ° in the 2000 dunk contest.

And in the final round, Toppin succeeded in a leg-through one-handed dunk with a run-up in his second performance. Simons performed an idea dunk that appealed to the high jumping power as in the first qualifying. I thought it was a simple dunk called a one-handed dunk after bouncing the ball high, but when I saw the replay in slow motion, I was trying to kiss the rim. As a result, the kiss failed, but Simons, who was supported by three judges, won the championship.

In an interview on the court, Simons commented, “I tried to make the most of my physical strength and tried to decide on the first run.” “I was nervous. Everyone knew that I could jump, so I thought I’d calm down,” he recalls.


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